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WAHC Review

by David Harris

“WAHC”, by Emily Young and found at, is a link posting scam that has several other scams working in cahoots.

Starting with this fake self proclaimed “advertorial”, WAHC considers this as an ad/editorial, hence their moniker for this scam ad.

Then, there is the redirect to “Earn At Home Club”, the real scam WAHC points you to, which previously sent you to Direct Online Income, Online Income and Work At Home Digital.

Those scams, among a host of other infamous scam names we’ve reviewed and exposed elsewhere on our site, change names often to make people think they are not related.

Of course, you have to throw in the fake mom in all this. This scam has used many names for the fictional working single mother including Mary Stevens, Michelle Withrow, Angela Bussio and many others.

The other usual suspects are all here, too, including the fake check and shill comments pasted up to look like they’re the real thing to persuade you to act now.

Do not be fooled by the look of the WAHC website.

It is not a consumer report and it is not recognized nor authorized by the news networks it steals its network logos from.

The tabs near the top with About, Finance and others only go with to the scam being promoted.

They are not real.

Also, it is like some suburban legend, their claim that people make $8,000 a month or whatever lie they display out there.

They might as well go all the way and say $8,000 per second for all the truth they claim.

The WAHC scam “report” goes on to display other tricks to try and fool you.

Nothing on the WAHC site is true at all.

For example, the success story about the working mom is made up to pull at your emotions and act impulsively.

These scams offer ways to make extra money from home without really explaining what the work entails, and that is not how real legitimate businesses operate.

The site that WAHC redirects to is a scam known as Earn At Home Club, which will have a separate review here at ScamXposer.

This scam uses a different fictional woman’s name Jennifer Becker and it has so many bad reviews and registered online complaints that its bad reputation is undisputed.

That site has its share of cons as well, but we will leave those tricks for the Earn At Home Club review and concentrate on the red flags at WAHC.

No matter what, always look the disclaimers, terms and conditions policies carefully.

The fine print on those sections tells the real story.

Be careful, too, of signing in because they do sell your name email and phone number to their third party clients so they can hound you with their own scams.

The product WAHC sends you to is a Clicksure item, and that payment processor also has its share of bad marks, which are on our Clicksure review elsewhere here.

We absolutely do not ever recommend scams like the one WAHC sends you to, but in case you proceed with it anyway, beware.

You will be billed a monthly fee after the ‘3 day trial’ they never mention – even if you try to cancel, and you will never get a refund, so your best bet is to call your bank and cancel through them.

If you choose to take that on don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Also, don’t say they didn’t either, except their warnings are hidden away on a part of the site no one ever ventures into, so most will miss WAHC’s fine print.

WAHC and Earn At Home Club are the worst the absolute worst.

It is just better for you to not even get involved with them.

If you did by some chance and have come here looking for help, all I can say is to contact your bank and get resolution from them.

Avoid clicking n the offer promoted by WAHC.

It is a scam, plain and simple.

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