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Wah Rev

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Wah Rev Scam Review

by David Harris

“Wah Rev”, by Michelle Robinson and found at, is a site designed by scammers to get as much money from you as they can.

The Wah Rev bait and switch con is known as a link posting scam, in which they claim you can make vast gobs of money just by signing up with them then they pull the rug out.

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How the scam works is that when you sign up and pay the $97 (if you weren’t smart and let the pop up box lower the fee to $47 dollars) you will have given Wah Rev a lot of crucial personal info including financials.

Then the Wah Rev sales floor will assault you with endless calls doing their extra best to get you to part with as much of your money as they can.

They are very good at it and the proof is in the endless complaints lodged online by folks who have been taken to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars.

Wah Rev and the other various other scam names change often when the ploy gets exposed.

Soon there will be another popping up in its place. We are on the constant hunt for them.

One of the troubling issues is not only that these scammers use proxy disguises online, but they are now using nondescript names so they can get buried deep in the search engines to keep from rising in the rankings.

Nonsense names like Wah Rev and Work From Home Edu, etc., keep their sites generic so complaints about them stay hidden as well.

We will assume Wah Rev may stand for Work At Home Revenue, which also has been exposed so in with the new name.

They are likened to snakes in the grass. You may have received emails from a fictional character named Michelle Robinson enticing you with lots of hype to join Wah Rev.

The ads for Wah Rev will claim you need no skills, experience computer knowledge and only an hour per day to be able to make vast sums with their system.

What they don’t tell you is that the reason you don’t need those requisite requirements crucial to legitimate marketing ventures is that you will never make any money with Wah Rev. Oh, the irony.

The reason you won’t make any money with Wah Rev is that posting paid advertisement links to multiple sites costs more money than you would make.

That’s because in order to make any money with the Wah Rev system, you are hoping that people will click on your ad and either buy something or respond to an email list builder or whatever task the client pays you a pittance for.

Because of that, many different third party bosses pay you with small checks, so the lure of a photo-shopped check with a large sum posted on the Wah Rev presentation page is a falsehood you should watch out for.

Wah Rev will use every trick in the book to lure you into their scam just to get you to buy more expensive upsells that never end.

These upsells are only very costly and very ineffective “business coaching programs that only leave you broke with nothing to show for them.

Be sure to read the Wah Rev fine print disclaimers so you know that everything they claim you will make at the top of the page is refuted at the bottom.

Not to mention the labyrinthine restrictions, terms and conditions placed on your contract designed to make getting a refund impossible from Wah Rev.

You should also watch out for the persuasive “certification programs” they call “Search Engine Agent” and “Wealth Development Certification Program” certificates of completion.

At this point I’d also be remiss if I didn’t point out that there is no real certification, nor “online school degree” needed for work from home business opportunities.

These gimmicks work on those who don’t know any better; newcomers who are desperate to make money online from home with affiliate marketing.

Again, Wah Rev wants you to pay for more expensive “training” once you join.

If you have, contact your bank refute the charges and cancel the card you gave them.

Everything about Wah Rev is a scam, and I advise everyone to pass on it and ignore the spam emails trying to get you to give them your vitals.

We can’t always catch them all, so we’d like to thank our faithful readers who login to ScamXposer and submit scams like Wah Rev.

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Relentless salesman collects your information casually throughout the conversation then uses it to manipulate you into the sale. Even tried to convince us to call the credit card company and increase our credit limit so we could spend more with them and “look good on paper”. The phone numbers they are using are (844) 507-3543 and (858) 251-4131. Don’t get sucked in – even when you tell them you are not comfortable, they try to tell you it’s “the business butterflies”. Manipulative scam artists.


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