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WAH Ecademy

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WAH Ecademy

by David Harris

“WAH Ecademy”, or Work At Home Ecademy, by Michelle Robinson and found at, is one more of those pesky link posting scams.

Work At Home Cash is a clone website scam full of fabrications and misdirection. For one, it is definitely NOT an institution of learning. There are no valid definitions of the work ecademy in the dictionary nor online.

From the very start, on the top of the WAH Ecademy page is the unauthorized use of network news logos that do not nor have ever endorsed scams like this. Response from them confirms it.

Then we see an old news clip that is also not authorized for use on scams like WAH Ecademy. You will see it on all these scam sites

Having spoken with an investigative reporter who knows the people who made the video, I can say they are upset that scams like WAH Ecademy use it to their advantage.

Next, WAH Ecademy has a phony story next to a fake photo from publicly acquired stock images of the fictional working mother. It is a tactic that is used on every scam site like this one.

WAH Ecademy and similar websites publish new versions of the same sites under different URL links under different made up working mothers up the minute sites like ours expose them.

Unfortunately, there are so many of these sites that authorities and internet giants don’t have the manpower to go after every scam like WAH Ecademy.

However, it falls on watchdog sites like ours to inform people looking for real work from home to stay away from scams like WAH Ecademy. We are tirelessly on a constant look out for them.

Be sure to read disclaimers at the bottom of the WAH Ecademy page carefully. The wording on their fine print tells the real story and it is not good.

In fact it will confuse newcomers to internet marketing on purpose so check it all thoroughly. They even say there that most likely will not earn anything with WAH Ecademy.

Adding to the confusion, Michelle Robinson, the alleged working mother is not at all “America’s number one home business consultant”. There is no record of such a person, much less such a title.

Her fictional story is designed to elicit strong emotions from you so you will respond to their call of action. It is very effective, as many who aren’t familiar with this industry will be conned by such hype.

WAH Ecademy also tosses around up made up certification titles and trick phrases like “Wealth Development Certification Program” and “Search Engine Agent Program” fabricated to impress people with no idea.

WAH Ecademy posts the customary fake income check and a calculator that shows how much money you would make if this was a real income from home opportunity.

The certification titles and the fake check are misnomers. In particular, you do not get consolidated checks from one source when posting ad links online.

Different companies pay you small amounts individually if and when you ever make a sale or lead conversion through the ads you post, so WAH Ecademy is misrepresenting itself.

Apart from these sleazy tricks scams WAH Ecademy uses to part people from their money, the real meat and potatoes of their con is the boiler room full of aggressive salespeople.

Those people go after more of your money once you’ve paid the $97 to join and the monthly fees they charge you for nothing substantial in return.

When you join you will have and given them a chunk of your vital financial and personal information including your bank card by paying online.

Unbeknownst to you, WAH Ecademy and scams like it will take small recurring unauthorized bits from your card that might escape your notice until they add up.

The insistent sales calls from the WAH Ecademy boiler room dogs will wear you down. Their goal is to get you to spend as much of your money as they can con you out of on useless business coaching scam upsells.

Of course, none of those programs are effective and only leave you broke. Just ask the multitude of people who have complained online, including here at ScamXposer’s comments sections.

You might as well put a refund out of your mind from WAH Ecademy, as well as finding any customer support because they disappear once they’ve bilked you.

WAH Ecademy is just a terrible scam everybody should really stay far away from. Very far away.

Thanks for reading

– David


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