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Vinnco Review

by David Harris

“Vinnco”, by Glenn Connelly and found at, is a scam worthy of our scrutiny.

Wow, if I only had time to view the thousands of complaints that have been registered online about this company and its owner.

Let’s start with the fact that Connelly was tried, convicted and locked up criminal of fraud charges in 2005 for starters.

They don’t keep these types in jail very long, and now he’s back again to perpetrate another scam his latest con is called Vinnco.

As before, the usual tricks up his sleeve include hyping up useless products and creating a multi-level marketing scheme to lure unsuspecting people.

There are many who don’t do their due diligence and he’s counting on them to join Vinnco to the tune of $199.00 to $349 depending on how badly they want to get taken.

This particular scam, Vinnco, involves travel rewards, enticing people to join as “founders”, selling illegal “shares”, and eventually pulling up stakes on this rotten carny show and running with the money, leaving the patsy workers holding the bag.

I seriously cannot count the multitude of people who wrote of Connelly’s larceny and the multiple tens of thousands he had taken them for.

Not only did he rip people off on the schemes, he also skipped out on hundreds of thousands of dollars in office space, employee and partner payments.

This guy is so low that he has been previously charged with charity fraud.

Anybody left in the company, Vinnco, should have run by now, but somehow it still exists.

This has merged with a Brazilian company to keep the game going.

Vinnco started in Australia, so if you’re anywhere else in the world and got taken by them it will be very difficult to come after them.

I advise everybody to avoid this scam like that plague.

Do not deal with Vinnco in any way, shape or form.

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