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Verified Home Income

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Verified Home Income Scam Review

Verified Home Income by Sara Douglas and found at, is a link posting scam site with a slight twist. They are using the likeness and video of a broadcast infomercial celebrity like they do the news channel logos as if she approved of this endorsement. It’s not clear if she actually did.

That they now use celebrities to appear as if they endorse Verified Home Income makes this latest con more sinister than previous incarnations. It’s bad enough that it’s marketed like mad by flim-flam marketers. Scams like Verified Home Income are morphing into worse scoundrels every time. Do the people of interest know the scammers are ruining their reputation?

Truth of this part of the lower life form called Verified Home Income is that they take TV personalities images and place them in front of their landing page to give the scam an air of legitimacy. This celebrity is not really much of one as the well known actors’ site shows she hasn’t been on TV very much, and not as a featured role, since the late ’90s.

I’m going to stop mentioning this celebrity. Her failed ebook has ended up in the virtual dusty back shelves of website stores, and it only points to more scam links, and what’s worse is if you signed on to any of her “books”’ offers, your credit card would get hit with other charges you didn’t authorize.

Now, on to the scam itself; it’s your run of the mill scam with all the suspect gimmicks that Verified Home Income wants you to think it appears to seem legit, but hopefully by now you’re catching on to these soiled blemishes that stain the internet like a truck stop restroom.

The fake mom and her phony story claim you will get paid outrageous sum for you to place ads online. Even the guys on the TV show about Madison Avenue advertising men aren’t making these huge amounts Verified Home Income says you will make!

Just in case you still think they will have your back read the disclaimer to see that Verified Home Income does not assume responsibility ANYTHING claimed on the site. They also do not assume liability for your certain failure because it will be your fault for wasting your money with them, if you really read between the lines of what they’re skirting around.

This scam has been known under many names, and now that Verified Home Income has used an actor’s likeness you will see more of this scam under different names as soon as we expose this charade. In case you’re wondering why we didn’t mention who the actress is – just go to the site listed to see who it is.

Do no fall into their trap, if you know what’s good for you. Verified Home Income is just another scam we work to bring down. There’s nothing good about it.

Thanks for reading

– David


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