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USI Tech

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USI Tech Review

by David Harris

“USI Tech”, by RAK International LLC and found at, was a Multi-Level Marketing scam.

It hid behind an automated trading platform that offered forex and bitcoin trading.

Add the adventure of getting involved with the bitcoin trend to the lure of trading.

And it can seem appealing to those newcomers wanting a piece of the new online banking methods.

However, because it is an MLM venture, many are complaining that it appears to resemble a pyramid scheme, both of which we never recommend here.

That is due to the fact that 99% of those entering the highly risky MLM arena tend to fail in a very short amount of time.

The software itself does not deliver the returns that USI Tech claims on the hype in their presentation.

And is actually refuted on their own disclaimers.

Usually, when these types of MLM ventures guarantee a return, then you can be sure it’s just a gimmick to get you in the door.

Guaranteed returns by way of investing and leaving it to the company to give you a return is a security.

And in this case, an unlicensed security.

Anyone selling this would actually be an unlicensed broker.

They also claim it is free to join, which in a way is true.

Yet not true because you have to spend the minimum $250 dollars for trading investment.

Frankly, it is just good money after bad.

You will not make the millions they say you can make using their trade robots.

Now, it is possible one may make a little bit of money.

But it’s usually not enough to quit your day job let alone buy a mansion and a yacht nor anything remotely close to it.

It doesn’t help that the makers of this program were responsible for another inept program with a bad reputation.

It also doesn’t help that USI Tech is run out of Dubai and registered in Portugal, which makes it impossible to be brought up on US trading violations.

On top of all this you will see the usual multi level marketing suspects shilling the company line for the cause of acquiring their own recruits.

Like many new things, carpetbaggers will crop up to take as much money as they can from unsuspecting newbies.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency scams are no different.

You can be sure more scammers will be using this latest technology driven monetary system for their own ill gotten gains.

In the case of USI Tech, the actual fee to join the network is not only NOT free.

But it is also pretty steep, especially since recruiting people under you is only one way you can try to earn money.

The other way is to talk others into using the trading software, which, for being automated shouldn’t charge such a high fee to use.

If you do use the software, which they charge $600 to license when you join.

The brokerage fees are pretty steep, and they actually go to the upline network above you.

You won’t find much information on the actual trading software in the presentation.

And even though the website looks professional enough that makes this scam even more sinister.

You won’t find any pages on the site that provide reputable testimonials from any genuine investors, who the developers are let alone the owners, either.

The company also does not provide any proof of it’s claim of a guaranteed 1% daily return on your investment let alone any other forms of transparency.

This has ponzi scheme written all over it!

So, the scammers, who came up with USI Tech in order to take advantage of the new bitcoin craze.

Are no better than the scammers who took advantage of the crowdfunding/crowdsourcing industry a while back.

It’s best to avoid USI Tech, even if you do have a huge resource of followers to your downline because it will collapse sooner than later like their previous failed ventures.

To add insult to injury, they will charge you a 2% fee if you want to move your bitcoin earnings out of their holdings.

I call USI Tech a scam because of those have no scruples in ripping others off.

Thanks for reading the review…

– David


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