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UpWorkPTR Scam Review

by David Harris

“UpWorkPTR”, found at, one of the worst PTR or ‘Paid To Read’ scams out there.

There is no doubt about it.

The sea of online complaints I found told much about their shady practices.

You must beware of any “get paid to read” site that claims they will pay $50 to read one item.

The majority of honest sites offer 1 to 3 cents per email read.

UpWorkPTR charges as much as $200 to join and that is also not right.

At the start, UpWorkPTR lets you accumulate your earnings and finds a way to suspend or shut down your account after all the hard work of having driven traffic to them on your dime.

Most people reached a high amount and even after they hit the ridiculous minimum payout limit of $20,000.

And UpWorkPTR did not pay them and there was no one available for customer service.

When you try to get your money Up Work PTR often claims you had not reached the minimum payout and brazenly suggest you upgrade to their next level.

You wonder in bewilderment at the ludicrousness.

I know, but there it is and UpWorkPTR still keeps the scam going, to everyone’s astonishment.

Several people have registered case grievances with the government.

I will say, though, if you learned how to make that much money through UpWorkPTR you can take what you learned, move on and apply it to something that actually works.

But you shouldn’t be denied your earnings for any of the work you’ve done.

I can believe the thousands of complaints I found when researching Up Work PTR that stated they scammed each and every one of those who complained.

This is an infamous scam and I am strongly warning you not to get involved with UpWorkPTR.

They are among the worst, most disreputable paid to read company out there.

Stay away from UpWorkPTR and paid to read scams like it.

Thanks for reading the review

– David


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