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United Online Business

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Type of Business:Herbalife Distribution MLM Scam
Skill Level Needed:Intermediate to Advanced
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United Online Business – Business Entry

United Online Business, by John Rydell and found at, is an independent distribution MLM business that sells for Herbalife. If you read my reviews regularly, you will know I’m no supporter of MLM. This one’s no different.

Off the bat, the site is full of warning signs I’ll point out. First thing to look at is
right at the top. The quote and salespeople are fabricated. There’s even a disclaimer under the photo.

Next, none of the social media logos are active, which is a surefire sign of shadiness going on. After that are things they offer, but none of the social media icons are clickable either, so you won’t be able to see anything about them unless you do your research.

In fact, there are no links to anything other than the order page, so they are aggressively getting right to the point. United Online Business just wants your money. After that, they want more and more of it until they bleed you dry.

It never ends with United Online Business asking for you to purchase more training, more products and more go nowhere leads that won’t really help you sell Herbalife. The ‘coach’ they assign you is just a sales rep that does their best to get you spending.

United Online Business is not even endorsed by Herbalife, but it’s best to contact Herbalife directly to get their take on United Online Business. There so much negative press and feedback that I’m sure Herbalife would like to distance itself.

United Online Business tries to get you signed up for the 15 day free trial, but almost as soon as you enter your credit card information you are charged $100 for a set up fee. They then charge you $89.95 per month until you cancel, and even then…

Nowhere on the first couple of pages does it say that you will be an Herbalife MLM representative, nor do they really tell you how to go about selling it. In fact, for most of the program, you will see lots of praise and no real instructions.

The pressure they put on you to spend more and harass your friends, family and colleagues to buy the products just shows you that they don’t really have a very sound strategy to help you succeed at all.

Many have lost thousands with United Online Business. I call it a scam. After thousands of lost dollars of your own, and you will call it that too. Or you can take my word for it and do your research before it even gets that bad.

Thanks for reading

– David


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