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Todays Online Review

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Todays Online Review Scam Review

by David Harris

“Todays Online Review”, by Theresa Andrews, with a “byline” by fake reporter Jason Goodman and found at news, is a horrible tactic scammers use frequently to give the scam site the appearance of a news editorial.

The fake news site then points to some awful scam site that lures people into wasting their money. This time it goes to Cash From Home which uses a fake working mom name, Mary Rogers.

The scammers who run these rip off sites call this scam tactic and “advertorial”, like a hybrid advertisement and op-ed editorial but all it is, really, is a bait and switch trick.

They redirect you to “Cash From Home”, a horrid website designed to steal people’s money for very little to nothing in return.

This fake news site is not only a conflict of interest if it really was a news site, but they manage to throw in all the evil tricks up their sleeves.

Some of these include the standard fake check that clearly looks like it’s been photo-shopped to look as if it came from a real business.

The reality this scheme fails to tell you is that you get paid a bunch of small checks from the many different third party clients you would advertise for ss, there really isn’t some huge check like they claim.

Then there are those pesky shill comments pasted up to look like they’re the real thing to persuade you there are happy users of this scam.

The truth is that these remarks have been overused hundreds if not thousands of time on other affiliate marketing scam sites they take them from.

Also, the photos used on these phony testimonials have been lifted from stock public images you can see online.

Not to mention the news network logos they misappropriated without permission or knowledge from the networks.

The point of this site is to fool anyone they can into thinking it could be a news article promoting a legit product so the can get people’s credit or banking card accounts in their system.

Once you click on the link Todays Online Review promotes and pay to join the site, you’ll see it goes for $97 dollars, but try to exit and a pop up window will appear at least 3 or 4 times giving you a discount that goes down to $27.

This is another red flag that shows how much they just want you to sign up just to get your info. Then once inside, you give them even more of your personal info.

They take it from you so they can resell it, spam and call you. The calls are the worst. The scammers run a boiler room full of high pressure salespeople that have absolutely no scruples whatsoever.

These hounds are good at what they do and have taken thousands of dollars from many in an endless stream of unsuspecting newcomers eager to make money online from home with internet marketing and home business opportunities.

Even those who have tried to get the smaller refund quickly discovered there’s no way on earth they’ll ever see any of their money ever again, much less those who sank in thousands.

They claim you can make hundreds a day without the need for skills and experience for very little time spent each day. This is, of course, another falsehood.

Even the most experienced and knowledgeable marketing experts spend considerable time, energy and resources towards their own endeavors that take them years to make a success.

Todays Online Review offers ways to make extra money from home without really explaining what the work entails, and that is not how real legitimate businesses operate.

We absolutely do not ever recommend scams like the one it sends you to, but in case you proceed with it anyway, beware.

They will bill you a monthly fee after the ‘3 day trial’ they forget to mention – and you may get charged for unauthorized hidden fees as well so it is best you call your bank and cancel everything through them.

You are better off just staying as far away from this rip off site, Todays Online Review, and the scam it redirects you to, Cash From Home. They are both terrible scams.

Thanks for reading

– David


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