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The Global Examiner

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The Global Examiner Scam Review

by David Harris

The Global Examiner, by “Heather Morris”, and often as “Melissa Johnson” and “Kim Swartz” and found at, is a fraud newsletter that ultimately leads to a scam we exposed last year.

This is yet another tactic these thieves use to give an old link posting con a new paint job.

The fake working mom’s name is constantly changed. Recently it was changed to Melissa Johnson.

The runners of the scam are using this phony newsletter to manipulate you into going to the scams “Work At Home” and “Online Home Careers” because those links have already been deemed as seriously unsound business opportunities by not only us but many many others.

First, I will briefly touch on Ryan Stephens’ “Online Home Careers”, which is nothing but a scam clone website that promises you will make hundreds a day by becoming a search engine agent through their search engine program whatever that means.

Scams like The Global Examiner and the latter often use classy sounding euphemisms like that and silly titles such as Wealth Development Certification Program to make their racket look legitimate.

Indeed, many desperate people looking for an easy way to make money online will often fall for it, and the scammers count on that

If that is not enough to get you emotionally invested then The Global Examiner directs you to the rags to riches fiction as told by the fictional single working mom of the week.

They change the names and keep the exact same story for each new “mom”.

The fake character in Online Home Careers is a man this time, “Ryan Stephens”, who doesn’t really exist but for the purposes of this scheme, but all the usual red flags have been unchanged.

If you opt-in you will see things like the news channel logos at the top, yet down below you are informed they are there without consent. The fake “paycheck” and shill comments from nonexistent people are all there.

Since The Global Examiner redirect newsletter is an alternate ploy, it has the look of something new and legit but do not be fooled as both the fake newsletter and the scam site it leads you to all end up in the master scam at the black heart of so many others “Online Profit Masters”.

Reading our reviews of these other scams elsewhere on our site may be helpful to you, but if you don’t have the time take my word for it that The Global Examiner and all its nasty sites down the pike only lead you to heartache and financial ruin.

The bottom line of their evil tactics involves a very nasty and aggressive sales floor trained to siphon as much money as they can from you by pushing useless programs, known as “upsells”, that they claim will imp[rove your chances by way of business coaching.

Thousands of dollars later and you will have only learned that a fool and his money are soon parted.

I’d rather you learn the lesson in this review rather than from The Global Examiner.

Give wide berth to this scam.

*Please, anyone who has been negatively affected financially by this scheme is urged to contact us, as we are in communication with authorities looking into them.

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