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The Consumer Review Journal

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The Consumer Review Journal Scam Review

by David Harris

The Consumer Review Journal, by made up working mother Theresa Andrews and found at, is one of many scams just like it using the fake news journal.

In fact, it’s all so fake, there’s not one thing real about it.

Beginning with The Consumer Review Journal’s exaggerated declaration of wealth you can attain with no experience, a little time, and a ‘small investment’, the fabrications continue.

The fake news journal look to the site only adds to the lie.

The paycheck “The Consumer Review Journal” shows you is the same one they put up in every single one of these types of sites.

It is not a real check, and with link posting you seldom get paid from one source in that large an amount.

At the some point, truly making the most money from link posting, using genuine affiliated marketing approaches will make you some money. However, scammers like ‘The Consumer Review Journal’ don’t make the opportunity in your favor.

The Consumer Review Journal first charges $99.95, and then if you try to exit the site, a pop up window slashes the price in an effort to entice you more.

They’re hoping you feel so lucky that you got a discount to a lower price that you go for it.

After you’ve paid by giving up your credit card number and personal data they have a representative call you to try to get you to spend even more on extras coaching which is really never very useful.

By the time “The Consumer Review Journal” through, you have spent thousands on more programs that give you nothing in return.

So now, I’m afraid it has become much too late for you! Try to get your money back and suddenly everybody at The Consumer Review Journal has disappeared and can’t be reached for support.

The scam then goes on to the next unfortunate person they can get their hands on and you’re left with a painful feeling in your stomach.

We get so many people writing to us about this exact scenario they have gone through.

The Consumer Review Journal cannot be trusted.

It’s been proven often that this well known scam is in fact a clearing house for many different-named scams!

This is why we work to warn everybody we can.

Hopefully we can prevent unsuspecting innocent people from ripped off by companies like The Consumer Review Journal, whose only goal is to keep the scam running as long as they can. Don’t get involved with them if you can avoid it.

I do not recommend “The Consumer Review Journal“.

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