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The $6000 a Month Club

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The $6000 a Month Club Scam Review

The $6000 a Month Club, by “Jennifer Becker” and found at, is a new clone scam site based on the fake work from home mom routine. They have not altered their usual design one bit, and I’ll describe what to watch for.

On top of the first page you may notice logo brands of news companies. These news channels have never been part of nor endorsed, and certainly not advertised any spots for The $6,000 a Month Club, and they never will.

The check for availability gimmick is there to make you think it’s an actual employment position. It’s a blatant lie because there’s no job position. The 6000 a Month Club is not some kind of place of employment. It’s nothing but an outright scam.

It appears as if the moment watchdogs like us expose their con, the cretins running it replace the old site with a new one. We are going to continue to report them the minute we find those replacements.

Beware the so called ‘number one business consultant’, Jennifer Becker. This is another of their gimmicks to entice unsuspecting women to waste their money on The $6000 a Month Club. This Becker personality absolutely does not exist in real life.

The “$6000 a Month Club” is the most ludicrous of these scams to date. To call it anything that implies that amount of money will be made should really be a crime. As I always say, the only one making this kind of money is the scammer.

Everything from the fake mom’s fake inspiring story to the fake testimonials and stock photos next to them, to the fake paycheck and credit card statement is all designed to get you to take the bait. Don’t.

Once you do, and you give them your credit card and personal info, it’s all over for you. They will flood your email inbox with endless spam and your phone will never stop ringing with their aggressive telemarketers trying to sign you up for more money drains.

It’s so tragic when we get emails from people who actually fell for these scams and get taken for tens of thousands of dollars they never get back. Don’t you become one of those poor, unfortunate folks. Stay far away from The $6000 a Month Club.

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– David


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