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Take Surveys For Cash Review

by David Harris

“Take Surveys For Cash”, by Jason White and found at, is a paid surveys scam disguised as a work from home online business opportunity.

White falsely claims to be the king of paid surveys, a dubious title to say the least, and Take Surveys For Cash seems to be his shady kingdom.

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Taking surveys is a losing game and anybody claiming you can make piles of money that way is like selling you fake magic beans.

The biggest reason from the start why Take Surveys For Cash is a scam is that you have to pay to join.

Most if not all survey sites themselves don’t usually charge to join.

What you are paying for when you join is a membership to a confidence trick that only makes money for the con man.

This goes for their 3rd party clients as well as who runs Take Surveys For Cash.

The money siphon works in a few ways.

One, all the survey sites in the Take Surveys For Cash portal have affiliated partner links that make Josh White money.

That means anytime you engage in any surveys it brings him commissions whether you qualify and earn or not.

So it doesn’t matter to him if you make any money because he certainly does.

Another way is that Take Surveys For Cash sells any personal information you give them to their third party clients.

Then, of course, is the ridiculous join fee, which Take Surveys For Cash claims will give you access to “secrets” to making tons of money by taking surveys.

At this point, I must tell you that no one ever makes anything substantial by taking surveys.

Even if they do it night and day seven days a week nonstop.

Not ever.

Sure, you can make little tidbits here and there that might get you movie tickets a couple of times a year.

But you should really value your time and energy more than that.

If you received an email from Jason White you will see 2 links to which the ad will take you.

One is to the Take Surveys For Cash website.

The other takes you to a list generator page with a “List Spark and White’s “secret method” to making money by taking paid surveys.

If you happen to go to the links you will see a photo-shopped check for $500 from a survey company from which he allegedly earned it.

At the bottom of the “check” on the photo, you can see it’s a sample ad check, as the parent company for the survey site disclaims you be a member before they issue real checks out.

They forgot to photo-shop that part out.

The real checks you would receive would be for much smaller amounts.

The surveys tend to pay out in small increments, and Take Surveys For Cash fails to tell you that as well.

Even for the $39 join fee, it is still highway robbery, as Take Surveys For Cash does virtually nothing for you but lighten your wallet, no matter how much they lower the fee when you try to exit.

Do not fall for Take Surveys For Cash’s line that companies are separate for people to take their surveys.

It’s just not true.

Many times you won’t qualify to complete many of them due to demographic or other requirements.

So Take Surveys For Cash is really fibbing on their hype.

Another half-truth involves the Take Surveys For Cash hype that they offer a $50 bonus after taking your first survey.

The fifty bucks is not actual cash.

It’s more like a gift card or points towards a prize you will have to jump through a variety of hoops for, so don’t fall for that either.

What you really need to look at, or actually read, are the disclaimers that tell you there is not only no guarantee that you

could make money with the Take Surveys For Cash system.

But that you pretty much will not!

The real hidden agenda Jason White has is for you to join under his affiliate program link.

This is a worthless website, system, and scam.

No one in their right mind should join as a Take Surveys For Cash affiliate.

There are far better ways to make money doing affiliate marketing.

Just stay away from this Take Surveys For Cash scam altogether.

I do not recommend “Take Surveys For Cash” because Survey Club is a much better option…

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