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Surveys Paid Review

by David Harris

“Surveys Paid” found at is a “get paid to take surveys” website that is not very promising, even though they promise that you can earn a full-time income from home.

Surveys Paid also promises you will be able to take many surveys because survey takers are high in demand.

They will have you think you will be hired to work their system for a living.

Their sign up fee is $34.00 which is $34.00 too much.

Actually, Surveys Paid’s implication of you getting hired full time as a survey taker is completely misleading and total non-sense.

There is no guarantee that you will qualify for the surveys that’s partner market research companies provide.

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Most of the surveys have extremely specific qualification criteria and you won’t always be able to take many of the surveys, contrary to what Surveys Paid implies.

Several complaints deal with not making enough money because of this issue.

You never need to pay to join a legitimate paid survey site, so that is not a good start for

But most importantly, the payment section of Surveys Paid does not appear to be a secure payment page.

Your information could be stolen and used for identity theft and fraud.

I find it disturbing that many complaints about deal with not getting your money back if you try to get a refund.

What disturbs me is how little regard they have for their customers when they try to reach customer service.

But it is to be expected from a scam after all.

I encourage you not to sign up with Surveys Paid unless you really like getting a mountain of spam in your email account from the companies they sell your personal data to.

There are far better ways to make money and spend your valuable time than bothering with any with

Whether they charge a fee to join or not.

The rewards are so small that it will only bring you frustration and regret for wasting your valuable time.

I do not recommend Paid Surveys.

I do, however, recommend “Survey Junkie” as it is a much better option…

Join Survey Junkie free here:

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