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Survey Money Machine

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Survey Money Machine Scam Reviews

by David Harris

“Survey Money Machine” is a paid survey site found at and operated supposedly by Hailey Gates in Brea, CA, with a familiar twist.

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It’s the old “working mom with 2 kids claims you’ll make hundreds of dollars” number. It is not a usual legitimate market research company.

“Survey Money Machine” is nothing but a site that redirects you to other survey sites to sign up to “earn affilliate commissions” in exchange for referrals.

The “working mom” is a fake, first of all. Although it is free to sign up with.

If you do not set up a junk email account before signing up with ‘Survey Money Machine’ you will be overrun by spam because your data will be collected through crawler programs run by other spammers that look specifically for survey companies.

The only ones really making any money from this enterprise are the owners of Survey Money Machine.

They do it by having you sign up with their affiliate survey company partners. By doing so, you earn them money as their referral.

This Hailey character used to promise you a hundred dollars if you can’t make up to $150 in an hour after joining, but there were so many complaints from people who never received it that Survey Money Machine stopped offering it.

It usually takes months to earn that much, and from many different survey sites she sends you to.

No one can make that much in an hour from taking surveys, but the real goal of “Survey Money Machine” is to have you sign up with as many of her affiliate sites so “Hailey” can make her money.

The quality of survey sites they refer you to is almost good to very poor and most pay around two to eight dollars in gift cards that take weeks to receive.

Hope you have no complaints or try to get a hold of Survey Money Machine because the email comes back undeliverable.

The most annoying part of being involved with this scheme is that several referral sites Survey Money Machine sends you to end up either charging you a fee or want you to spend money on the products they want you to evaluate.

If you go and spend your money and you don’t return the items, they charge your card full value.

A site that claims you can make 150 to 300 a day taking surveys should be considered a paid surveys scam but since they make it free to join it just skirts the definition of scam very closely.

I definitely do not recommend you get involved with “Survey Money Machine”. You will only end up frustrated at best.

I do, however, recommend “Survey Junkie” as it is a much better option…

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Thanks for reading…

– David


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