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Steady Home Income

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Steady Home Income Scam Review

by David Harris

“Steady Home Income”, by Kelly Simmons and found at, is a link posting scam spawned to swindle peoples’ money.

The fictional working mom, Kelly Simmons is used quite often in these scams, but she doesn’t really exist in real life.

Her story is also a work of fiction made up to convince you that someone got rich by using this program.

However, the only ones that are getting rich off this scam are the people who run these web sites for their own profit.

Here are a few warning signs to look out for.

The network news logos at the top have a caption vaguely suggesting that you might have seen this scam advertised on TV and print media.

These scams want you to think they are legitimate by having those logos there.

But the reality is that they are being used without permission from the networks.

Also used without authorization is the news video that discusses work from home jobs through telecommuting.

Not what Steady Home Income offers.

This is not a job, nor a job board.

It is actually a hazardous online home business scam posing as a way to get a job through their system.

The link posting scam is a bait and switch con game.

It starts with false claims of making huge piles of money without the use of skills, experience, and working only a few minutes per day.

The saying that goes ‘if it sounds too good to be true it usually is’ applies to this rip off-site.

There are no easy get rich quick schemes that ever turn out to be real.

They use the link posting game to lure you in.

But the reality is that the information provided on this site is outdated, incomplete and easy to find elsewhere for free.

Steady Home Income charges you $97 dollars to join.

But the drop-down pop up discounts it twice or 3 times when you try to exit the site.

This makes you think you are getting a deal, which is what these scammers hope you will fall for so they can begin their real agenda.

Once you join, you will have given them your personal info including your phone number.

And most importantly your banking information by paying for the system.

The back office is designed to confuse and aggravate you and when you try to use the information to get started nothing seems to work right.

Once you are close to giving up they have their boiler room salesforce call you posing as “internet wealth experts”.

Which is not a real job title in the online work from home field.

Their real objective is to talk you into buying more expensive business coaching programs that can run-up to tens of thousands of dollars.

These coaching programs are pretty useless and do nothing but leave you broke.

The salespeople are really good at what they do.

Many unhappy customers have voiced their complaints in forums, complaint boards.

And even our own comment sections about getting ripped off for thousands of dollars by these scammers.

The only recourse is, of course, to cancel your bank cards and bank account and start all over again with a new one.

There is no valid refund program even though they say so on the presentation page.

In fact, everything on that page is nothing but hype and falsehoods refuted by the legal disclaimers at the bottom of the page.

They put these disclaimers in to cover their bases so no one can sue them.

It’s a terrible shame that this scam is still around and there’s no way to stop them from running them.

The authorities are stretched thin as it is so they cannot provide manpower or resources to go after them all, or even any at all.

That is why watchdog sites like ours exist.

We cannot stop them but we can expose them for what they are.

Unfortunately, once we expose one, another pops up in its place and we search for them to expose the next ones as well.

That is the extent of our power.

If you found this review after you got involved with them we are indeed sorry for any losses you might have incurred.

It is far more beneficial to you to stay away from Steady Home Income.

It is a horrible scam that will only bring you nightmares.

Thanks for reading the review…

– David



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