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Social Cash Now

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Social Cash Now Scam Review

by David Harris

“Social Cash Now”, also known as Social Tech Systems by Sophie Madson and found at, is another awful link posting scam website built only to drain your bank account once you’ve fallen for this trap and give them your credit card info.

What’s more, Sophie Madson is a completely fictional character contrived to pull at your emotions along with her fairytale story. Do not fall for the title, “The #1 home job consultant in America” that Social Tech Systems has given this fake person either.

Social Cash Now by Sophie Madson is controlled by a company named Digitech Media, LLC out of Phoenix, which is a shell corporation for the scammers who run these con jobs.

Sources claim that these scammers operate out of Russian regions, thereby making it impossible for U.S. government to shut them down. That is why our website exists, because someone has to expose these terrible scams like Social Cash Now.

There are so many red flags to watch out for including the news logos placed at the top of the pages to make you think they have endorsed Social Cash Now. The truth is none of the news corporations even know they exist, much less endorse it.

There are the fake income checks, phony comments next to stock photo images taken from generic photo websites. There is even a ridiculous “calculator that “shows” you how much you could make with Social Cash Now but this is also a sham.

The first thing to be wary of, though, is the “only 2 positions left in your area” trick. This is not a job, no matter what Social Cash Now may lead you to believe. Don’t fall for the “buy safe” logo at the bottom, either.

The phony job titles like Search Engine Agent and it’s certificate program, Wealth Development Certification are also horrible ploys to entice you into joining Social Cash Now and giving them your credit card information.

The worst parts about Social Cash Now are that once you do, they automatically bill you monthly for as much as they can without your authorization; and the sales team will hound you to spend more money on their useless business coaching programs.

Many have written to us lamenting tens of thousands of dollars lost on carbon copy scams like Social Cash Now. It’s shameful and the best we can do is inform you to stay as far away as you can from Social Cash Now.

Thanks for reading…

– David



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