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Smart Cash System

Overall Rating: SCAM
Type of Business: HYIP
Skill Level Needed: Intermediate to Advanced
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Smart Cash System Scam Review

by David Harris

Smart Cash System by Tom Wilson and found at, is a HYIP (High Yield Investment Program) in the guise of an online home business system dealing in Forex trading and gambling with several caveats to watch out for.

The program is a Clickbank product and is also sold through paydotcom, which has raised a few eyebrows including ours as to why they would do that.

Paydotcom is a story for another review.

They claim you can make money with their 4 step program.

But upon closer inspection, I found several major issues that contradict their claim.

We will address each of the steps’ problematic concerns.

The first step in Smart Cash System recommends Forex trading as a simple way to earn money.

And they propose you do it through their partner Omniforex, which offers Forex trading signals.

It has a major flaw.

Their partner company has low quality signals, which, if it does then you will lose big when trading.

At $98 a month for that service, it’s not a good investment.

Since Smart Cash System is a Clickbank product you will be able to get a refund, but there are no refunds for your trading losses.

The second step they want you to do is invest your money from the first step, if you make any, into other HYIPs.

However, the sites for the programs they recommend were blocked by my anti-virus software as unsafe to visit.

Then the third step Smart Cash System is a bit of a curveball from the rest of their system.

They want you to invest in sports arbitrage.

Of course, the service they recommend also charges their own fee, and it is not an easy or simple system to comprehend, but it is basically gambling.

Go to the racing track if you like to gamble.

They don’t charge a fee.

The fourth step 4 Smart Cash System suggests is investing in auto-surfing online.

While it is one way to make money, you also have to invest in surfing programs, which can be costly.

No matter what, all the steps outlined by Smart Cash System require huge amounts of money with no guarantee you will make anything or even break even.

I do not recommend you go with the Smart Cash System.

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