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Simple Income Strategies

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Simple Income Strategies Review

by David Harris

“Simple Income Strategies”, by Kelly Simmons and found at, is a site made to swindle the masses of their money through a gimmick called the link posting scam.

This is a continuation of a huge output of dishonest websites each using the very same design, again and again, no matter how often they get exposed.

At the top of the page, some news channel logos are easily visible.

The site owners had no approval to use the images, and they actually say so in the disclaimers.

Then you see the urgent claim that there are only 3 job positions left as a call to action to make you think you’re running out of time to get the job, but there really is no form of employment at all.

Even though it tries for a realistic appearance there are quite a bit of red flags to recognize.

For example, don’t be fooled by their use of invalid certification titles, such as “Wealth Development Certification” and “Search Engine Agent Program”.

The fake success story about a woman with no skills or experience who is rich as Midas now, Kelly Simmons, and her photo, also from a stock images site, are a part of the fiction created to work on your emotions.

Do not be fooled by the fake testimonials or the doctored checks either.

Nothing you will see on Simple Income Strategies is true or real except for the fine print which tells you nothing you see is real above the fine print.

Ah, lawyers, the last bastion of sleazy weasels.

They show a mansion, a yacht, and a sports car on the page as if you’ll actually be able to afford to buy them just by using Simple Income Strategies.

Truth be told, only the scammers make money from this con.

They claim that you can spare 60 minutes a day, making you certified, and guaranteeing you a home job in which make up to $8000 a month just working from home, but that is just not true at all.

The disclaimers also say it’s not.

What actually happens if you join is an endless amount of spam you’ll be bombarded with from the third party clients to which they resell your info, followed by the aggressive sales calls from the boiler room team doing their best to siphon your monetary resources.

Among complaints from unhappy users are allegations of money taken out of their accounts without their authorization monthly until they found out and called their banks to cancel.

You will not get any refunds from them either because there is no support of any kind to help you with that.

In fact, once you’ve given them all your info and bank numbers they magically disappear once they’ve drained you all they can

Ironically, in their rather lengthy presentation page, Simple Income Strategies describes nothing of how you would make money with them yet they hype you up on how great they are.

Also, their fake calculator shows you what you’d be making with their program, but it’s misleading too.

There are other red flag warning indicators I’ll point out here.

Even if you pay on the last pop up discount fee when you try to exit the site is way too much, only to be charged monthly even if you try to cancel the charges.

The VeriSign logos at the bottom aren’t real either.

So many people have filed complaints about getting ripped off for up to tens of thousands of dollars by the boiler room sales scammers at Simple Income Strategies.

Completely avoid the Simple Income Strategies scam!

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