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Secure Online Jobs Review

by David Harris

“Secure Online Jobs” found at, is a link posting scam.

This is an even more dangerous scam because the new design has toned down most of the ridiculous hype.

And is going towards a family-oriented lure.

This new design does away with the ridiculous hype from previous clone designs.

Those including fancy luxury homes, cars and boats and fictional working mom characters next to stock photos.

They have replaced those gimmicks with a generic stock photo of a family sitting on the home porch stoop.

Which is a more powerful image than all the trappings they’ve used before to reel victims in.

This link posting scam site may have new skin but it’s still a predator.

And this new look makes it even more sinister because it makes this scam look more believable.

The dangerous thing about Secure Online Jobs and scams like it is that they entice unsuspecting newcomers with the promise of big money for little effort.

If it sounds too good to be true it usually is.

And it couldn’t be more true with this one.

Truth is that there are no jobs to be had, secure, or otherwise.

The sales page talks about recessions, firings, layoffs.

And other trigger words and phrases that pull at the emotions of those who don’t know any better about this particular con game.

They go on to talk about all those big companies willing to pay you to advertise their products.

But what the scam won’t tell you is that their motives are far from what they’re talking about.

Real and straightforward affiliate marketing companies have certain ethics they go by.

And Secure Online Jobs is already lying to you from the start with their name.

Affiliate marketing is not a job.

It is a business, particularly a work from home online home business which you have to invest your own money into before you see any returns.

Besides the money, you have to invest a lot more time and effort these scammers would have you believe.

And even more so if you know nothing about how this type of business works.

The first problem with this particular con is that the information they disseminate is outdated at best.

Once you get past the endless third party scam ads before you even get to their so called training pages.

Secure Online Jobs is really a bait and switch scam.

They use meaningless phrases like “risk free certification enrollment form” and “100% secure”.

But nothing could be farther from the truth.

They use words like these and more so you feel safe about getting involved with this rip off site.

Because all they really want is for you to give them access to your banking and personal info.

The reason for this is that when you become frustrated with it all, as always happens with most if not all paying members.

The boiler room sales dogs are released.

They are the worst because they are very effective when it comes to getting you to pay for way more expensive training courses.

Those that really aren’t very effective at all.

Even worse is they call themselves “internet wealth experts” calling you for a “free one on one business coaching consultation”.

It is anything but free.

Also, beware of made-up titles like Wealth Development Certification and Search Engine Agent Program.

They’re meaningless.

Many of our readers have messaged us and commented with their own tragic encounters with the scammers who run these sites.

Some have been ripped off for hundreds and several others have told us they were cleaned out for as much as 25,000 dollars in a few instances.

Sadly, the only ones making any money from Secure Online Jobs are the crooks who run it and sell for it.

This is a complete and utter losing venture nobody should ever get involved with.

Do not be fooled by all the hype, as downplayed and family-oriented as this one is.

Secure Online Jobs is a scam.

Thanks for reading the scam review

– David



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