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Secure Job Position

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Secure Job Position Scam Review

by David Harris

“Secure Job Position”, by Kelly Simmons and found at and, is one of those pesky link posting scam sites we love to expose over and over.

If you haven’t seen any of these you’re in for a treat. Well, actually the opposite of a treat.

It is so full of red flags and outright lies that you’ll be scratching your head as to how the internet keeps letting them get away with it.

The lies begin with the website’s name. It is neither secure nor a job position. Nor will anyone ever make money with this scam.

Every site like this changes names, links and the names of the working moms frequently, but the design is almost always the same.

The name is a very deceitful misnomer in that this is actually an extremely risky business venture, and I will explain what the dangers are in a moment.

Next, the stolen news logos and video. Neither was authorized for use on any of these scams but they keep using them anyway.

Neither the news network nor the authorities bother to go after these scams anymore because there are so many of them that pop up after watchdog sites like ours expose them, and also they don’t have the resources and time do it.

Next is the ‘only so many job positions left’ trick to get you to think there are jobs, and the read further to see if you qualify makes the lie seem true.

This scam charges a fee to join and it’s a hefty one at almost a hundred bucks a pop until they bring it down to $47 each time you gave the sense to exit the site.

No true job site is going to charge you a fee to join just to look for jobs, and again, this is no true job search site and there are no offers either.

Next, fictional working mom Kelly Simmons and fake story and stock photo are there to trick you into feeling some emotions that might get you to join..

The claim the story makes that you can make a guaranteed minimum $379 per day is another red flag and lie.

Speaking of fake photos, the ones by the fake testimonials, which the FCC had already ruled a violation, and the cars, mansion and boat, are also red flags, along with the fake income statements.

The money calculator is also deceiving still says nothing about what the actual work involved is, along with the fancy fake certification titles.

Titles such as Wealth Development Certification Program and phony explanation of how you would become a Search Engine Agent are there to further the lie.

The real facts that refute all this false hype are all in the disclaimer at the bottom. That’s the real story to look at. The one put there by the scammers’ lawyers.

Now, the actual explanation why scams like Secure Job Position exist. It’s simple – to rip off as much money as can they take from you.

Once you have the misfortune to join, they put you in touch with a so called “internet wealth expert”, a fake title for their boiler room monsters, for a “one on one consultation”.

The only thing these hucksters are experts at is talking you into wasting more if not all your money on useless business coaching scams.

Making money with posting advertising links online is an extremely tough thing to do. Hardly anyone clicks on those little ad banners on websites and if they do it’s either an error or they’re just curious.

If by some miracle someone buys something from the ad, the money you make is pretty small when you consider the amount you spend out of pocket to advertise.

So, not only do you NOT make money with these link posting scams, you will also waste more on buying the ad space needed to try to get interested prospects.

Secure Job Position makes your chances even harder to profit from this endeavor because whatever out of date info they pass off as training will not help you at all.

Don’t just take our word for it. Look up the hordes of people who have posted their complaints in forums and complaints boards online.

Some tell of how they’ve been ripped off from hundreds of dollars to even tens of thousands of dollars by these scammers.

Then there are those who have written to us about their bad luck getting taken by them. Makes us mad and weep hearing personally about it from them.

Forget getting a refund for anything you give them, no matter what it says on their hype page. Any customer support or what little of it there might be vanishes if you go looking for it.

Secure Job Position is a distressing speculation that will only leave you broke if you get messed up with it. Stay very far away from this scam. You will not make money online from home with it and it will take all you give them for nothing in return.

Thanks for reading…

– David


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