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Secure Cash at Home

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Secure Cash At Home Review

by David Harris

“Secure Cash At Home” by Jennifer Larson and found at, is a link posting scam that has so many twists.

Its turns that I will attempt to unravel here in this review.

First, watch out for the fake news site that uses Donald Trump’s images and quotes without his authorization as it promotes Secure Cash At Home.

The truth is that there is no possible way Trump would ever get behind any of these scams if he wants to be seen as a legit candidate, so any endorsements to this bait and switch scheme have to be false.

It’s unclear if that is, indeed, it’s real name because at the top of the page you see the logo for a previously exposed scam we’ve reviewed elsewhere here, Paydays At Home.

However, when you opt into their presentation page you will see an altogether different company logo for yet another scam previously exposed, Online Home Cash.

Lastly, the scam directs you to the final scam of all scams, Online Cash Code, which we have also reviewed here at ScamXposer.

Neither do the real CNN and USA Today give permission to use their logos, likenesses or endorsements to this horridly crooked website.

To be clearer as to what this scam is about, the link posting scam is an old trick that continues to lure people in who are desperate to find a way to make money with online home business opportunities.

The crooks offer the lure of easy money without need for skills, experience or time and energy on your end for hundreds of dollars daily.

It is funny how Secure Cash At Home leaves out just how that would be possible and what you must do for all that money.

They also leave a lot of vital information once inside, too.

The reality of posting advertising links to your third party clients’ products on websites, ad spots, etc.

It is that the internet is so overrun with such things that no newcomer ever makes any money with this model.

In fact, not only will you not make money this way, you have to spend money on advertising space and marketing, often needing other things such as a website and hosting, all of which can be costly.

So the chance is high that you will actually lose money on this venture not only through investing resources but Secure Cash At Home also charges you extra fees without telling you.

Initially they first charge a $97 fee to join but each time you try to exit, up comes a pop up discount.

The last of which ends up at $47 to join,

Then as time goes on, this exact scam goes by many different names and has been infamously famous for taking hidden and inexplicable “fees” on a monthly basis.

They do this until people catch on to them and cancel their cards and accounts.

That is about the only way to get rid of them.

Once they’ve gotten you to give up your credit card and banking vitals you are essentially in their grasp until you’re broke. Hardcore sales hounds in their boiler room floors come at you with everything they’ve got.

The system they sell you is outdated at best, incomplete on purpose at worst.

That is the bait and switch con which lures you into their money pit game.

Their job is to upgrade or upsell, you to the most expensive go nowhere business coaching programs and other junk systems that you could never make any money with.

Don’t take our word for it though.

Thousands of people have fallen for this scam when looking for ways to make money online from home.

There are plenty of good honest internet marketing systems you can make money with an in fact, we recommend some that have made us substantial earnings.

However, this scam is not one of them and trying to get a refund is next to impossible as well.

They are without a doubt NOT even close to being the #1 work at home system they claim to be.

Everything on their site is fake and empty hype.

Avoid Secure Cash At Home at all costs.

Thanks for reading the review…

– David


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Samuel S. on :

Thanks for saving me and a lot of ignorant others from this dubious company/scam so called Secure Cash At Home.T


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