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Reserved Position – Business Entry

By David Harris

Reserved Position, by Robert Arnold and found at, is an online marketing business opportunity website I will deem to be full of shenanigans right from the start.

They claim you will get rich with their no effort secret formula magic system, but we’ve had experiences with so many of these scams that we can smell them a mile away on the internet highway.

The first thing I noticed when researching Reserved Position is that I found 6 or 7 identical websites, under different “owners”.

The duplicate rehash was created by the company to resell over and over to so many people who will be competing against others with the same cookie cutter site.

I had to check this out for myself. Sure enough, I got the same copycat site, which those others had up, handed to me after jumping through their hoops.

They use titles like “Pre-Launcher” member and elite VIP to entice you into thinking this might be something worthwhile.

Not the worst of it, they claim that the website they throw at you to use is worth over $2,000. It is pure malarkey, in this day and age, to have you think ANY website like this could be even a tenth of that value.

Even including design, hosting and domain name, etc., nothing today is priced that high, so it causes me to think they are quoting 1995 prices.

The target audience Reserved Position aims for is the low and desperate willing to try anything that promises riches in a short time for no effort, nor any skills required.

Always make sure you read the laughably labyrinthine legalese in the language of the terms and conditions of shams like Reserved Position carefully before you even think of getting involved with them.

It is not such a risky venture at $9.99 to join, but you do want to be careful of Reserved Position and sites like it, as their refund policies can be confusing, in this case does not instill confidence.

They claim you have to try the program for 90 days and if you don’t make money in that time you get your refund.

However, after the 90 days you don’t get the refund, but Reserved Position says you have to try for 90 days, so if you try and cancel after the 90 days you’re out of luck.

Confusing? No, they do these shenanigans on purpose. Many users of this service have complained about their shadiness. You will also notice they never really explain anywhere on the site just how any of their system really works.

Another red flag to look for is their trusted site icons are unclickable. That’s never a good sign. Reserved Position is a scam better left alone. Steer clear of it.

Thanks for reading

– David


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I registered wiith this site and can’t find them again. Have they changed the domain or what?


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