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Replace Your Job

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Replace Your Job Scam Review

by David Harris

“Replace Your Job”, by Kelly Simmons and found at, is a rip off website known as a link posting scam.

Replace Your Job, however, is a copied design from prior duplicate scam websites the scammers keep putting out as soon as the current ones are exposed.

Chances are that Replace Your Job sent you an email message in your spam box and you found this review to see if they area real company.

It is not. It’s a scam.

In fact, a link posting scam is the con game these scammers run. This type of scam is a bait and switch con, in which they falsely hype a lot of empty promises and deliver something very disappointing once you pay to join.

There is no way you will ever make money online from home with the rickety affiliate marketing system that Replace Your Job offers because most of their information is outdated at best.

Posting advertising links everywhere online with the hope that somebody might click on them is a gamble with slim chance of success.

“Replace Your Job” fails to tell you that this type of home business opportunity is a very risky venture let alone a good way to make money online.

Actually, Replace Your Job doesn’t even describe anything about what it is or how you would make money with them.

They only pander to those desperate to earn a quick buck online. Nothing could be further from the truth.

You will see generic photos of lavishness homes, cars and boats on their website, but the truth is you won’t earn anything using their system.

Replace Your Job even throws in a fake calculator that supposedly tells you what you’d be make with their program, but that’s fake too. There are other red flag warning indicators I’ll point out here.

At the top of Replace Your Job page you will see network news channel logos that they weren’t allowed to use at all.

Beware the “calculating remaining job positions” gimmick that takes you to the second page. It isn’t figuring anything out because there are no jobs to be had at Replace Your Job.

ReplaceYourJob uses a network news video clip at the top of the presentation page that was also taken without authorization. This and the news logos are used to make this scam look legitimate.

They also claim that you will not need skills, nor any experience required, and will only have to work a half hour every day. That’s a concocted fantasy.

Now, the fictional single working mother, “Kelly Simmons”, is contrived to get you to impulsively pay $97 dollars to join this outrageous scam.

Even paying the last pop up discounted fee when you try to exit ‘Replace Your Job’ is way too much, and you will be charged monthly for this junk as well.

Replace Your Job gives no refunds and has no customer support. The VeriSign logos they place at the bottom of the site in an attempt to build trust do not function either.

The only reason Replace Your Job and scams like it exist is to let their boiler room sales monsters loose on you to get more money out of you.

Beware of the phony program titles they use such as “Wealth Development certification program” and “Search Engine Agent certification”, to make it seem as if they are real.

Many people have registered complaints from of getting ripped off for as much as tens of thousands of dollars by scams exactly like Replace Your Job.

You know when they use the same designs every time they release these scams it really means that the scammers figured out people will waste money on them until we and other watchdog sites expose them.

There are so many scams like this that we take special care to go after them as soon as they’re up, but we also appreciate our readers who give us the heads up when they find them first!

Avoid this “Replace Your Job” scam and any other scam sites like it.

Thanks for reading…

– David


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