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Rebate Processor Review

by David Harris

“Rebate Processor”, by Debbie Teague and Andrew Gaswint and found at, is another rebate processing scam, as old as the internet, in a new package contrived to lure people looking to work from home.

Rebate Processor claims that it places want ads to process rebates for their third party companies.

However, they charge a fee to join, also claiming the fee is to discourage those who are not serious.

Rebate Processor claims, also misleadingly, that they provide training, but the truth is this so called training is just showing you how to set up PayPal and Clickbank accounts for affiliate marketing and not rebate processing.

There is no actual training on how to fill rebate forms, let alone on how you go about being an affiliate marketer for Rebate Processor.

The only rebate processing involved entails filling out the paperwork whenever someone makes a sale from their affiliate links. This is where the danger lies in the scam.

You are paying for the ad links, or “rebates” and you will pay and pay with absolutely no guarantee you will ever get that money back.

In fact, you will invariably never get your money back, and Rebate Processor counts on newcomers to spend lots of money before they realize this is a scam.

Clickbank is not a scam in and of itself, but the scam is in how Rebate Processor misrepresents their so called money making method.

This scam always reemerges as one version or another, with a different fictional name for whoever supposedly runs the scam.

This time they use the fake name Debbie Teague.

They’ve previously used Angela Stevens, Jessica Reyes, and many other pseudonyms.

The scammers who run Rebate Processor also change the company names and website links once the previous one accumulates enough bad press and reputation.

I’m sure you, my dear readers, have gotten the odd email ad for one or more of these from time to time.

Rebate Processor is no different than those scams.

Sites like Rebate Processor are not there to help you but to help themselves to your money as much of it as they can possibly take.

The hype on the first page is heavy and full of tempting things like the money they claim you would make on a schedule they trump up for the ad, and fake checks showing how this or that person “made” all that money.

You will not make money online with Rebate Processor, yet they manage to hook many people who are desperate enough to fall for this scheme.

In the world of real rebate processing, there is no way a legitimate company would ever pay you $15 and up per rebate processed. This is the biggest red flag everybody falls for.

One other thing behind this evil scheme you would never know up front is that scams like Rebate Processor get malware programmers to set up many sites and links.

They do this so that Rebate Processor and its links will inundate Google rankings so you see the scam sites in your searches before the legitimate sites that fight these scams ever show up.

Real processing jobs have stringent standards with attention to detail on so on and so forth.

This Rebate Processor scam is not a real processing job site.

Rebate Processor really is an affiliate marketing scam.

Stay far away from this swindle.

You will be sorry if you don’t.

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