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Rebate Processor Jobs – Scam Reviews

Rebate Processor Jobs found at and owned by Jessica Reyes (fictional character), is an urban (internet) legend a myth. Plain and simple, it is an out and out scam of typical proportions that leads you to believe you will make money by using their system.

They have you pay thirty-nine dollars, hard to come by these days, in order to sign up in hopes of landing these ‘jobs’ Rebate Processor Jobs claims they offer. There is absolutely no truth to it. Let me break it down for you here at ScamXposer.

It comes down to affiliate marketing. The trick to claiming you make fifteen bucks per every rebate you process is the $15 you get is from a commission in sales and this is only after you send that rebate – which you spend your money to get – to your buyer.

So thinking that this processing effort is like going to work will frustrate those who don’t want to have to sell anything. Yet that is exactly what you’ll end up doing, Because this is more of a business you run, rather than working for someone or a company for income.

First, this type of business requires you to post internet ads in hopes that someone will click on yours. Second, you have to buy the rebates to resell. Then, if they click on your ad among a sea of endless ads just like yours, you then hope they actually buy the rebate from you. Only then do you get your percentage.

The job of processing any rebates as if you’re on a factory line is a falsehood. While there is a tiny spark of truth, in fact it is just enough for them to lead you on. You will not make money just by filling out forms, as they would have you believe.

The forms they claim you earn income form by filling out are not even coming from Rebate Processor Jobs. The actual process involves generating clickbank ads. This is just the tip of the iceberg. The fuzzy math is where the trouble gets steeper.

Ok, so you manage to put the ad out. Which means you know how to market click ads. Another part of the ‘job’ Rebate Processor Jobs fails to mention. You will need to have knowledge or experience of where your ad will do the most good and convert to sale.
Then you sell a $40 product from Clickbank. If the commission is $26.00, and the rebate is offered for $11.00, then $15 is your take. Keep in mind that you will be ‘buying’ the product in order to unload it yourself. Sorry, I don’t see either processing or a ‘job’ here.

By ‘buying’, I mean that you choose the products to sell, invest ion pay per click ad space, spend time creating the ad, taking the time to then broadcast the ad throughout the web and hoping it stands out from the other near identical grains of sand.

If you’re following me so far you can see how the variables I’m explaining could lead to disaster and that’s just the start. Did I also mention that your buy in to Rebate Processor Jobs is non-refundable?

Then, miracle of miracles someone actually not only clicks on your ad but actually buys the product then and only then do you make the money after you send part of your take back to the buyer. HUH? Yes, THAT is the so called ‘rebate’ you earn from.

‘Processing’ really means sending this ‘rebate’ to buyers through paypal. If you managed to be successful at all these hoops you jump through, you realize you spend way too many hours for something like this to only get so much back, if you do get that back.

Rebate Processor Jobs counts on pocketing the sign up fees when most people give up altogether. Believe me, there are many desperate souls out there willing to grasp at this fake lifeboat that won’t help anyone.

Rebate Processor Jobs will give you instructions on some steps but they do not take you through the proper steps to creating the clickbank and paypal accounts, the ads, nor how to place or where to place these ads.
Of course once you are in their system, there are many other ads from people doing what you are trying to do, especially in the member area, so beware.

It’s a scam. Don’t do it. Ignore them completely. Do not offer your personal data to them either for fear of having it passed out like punch at a party.

Thanks for reading

– David


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