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Reality Networkers

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Reality Networkers Scam Review

by David Harris

Reality Networkers found at is a Multi-Level Marketing venture with many issues to look at.

Most are not good ones but we’ll start with the positives.

Reality Networkers is free to join as a 14 day trial, then you choose one of two upgrades.

There is the $25 fee to try and get 5 referrals.

Then there is the “fast track” upgrade for $150 which supposedly gets you 5 referrals for each $25 fee, and again, supposedly Reality Networkers will put an extra 5 referrals in your downline.

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You can refer members above you to help your lower levels get their own referrals.

You have to reach level 4 before you can get your downline to join you in other things.

If you don’t want to pay Reality Networkers to upgrade, they offer other ways to make the money needed to upgrade.

However, most are cheap survey sites like Cashcrate, Treasure Trooper, and InboxDollars, all of which we’ve reviewed elsewhere on our site.

It will take a very long time to reach the minimum payouts on them to pay for the upgrade and once you do they have a system to email their spam to millions of people weekly.

Reality Networkers does charge for that service, though.

It is not included in your membership. While it may be free to join them for 2 weeks, the upsells and ‘nickel and diming’ you quickly begin.

Even with those referrals, you have to complete tasks on every matrix level before you get any commissions or move up.

Make no mistake about Reality Networkers.

No one makes anything unless everyone in your network does the work required.

That is a lot of ifs to put one’s hopes on.

This is a program you would really have to work hard.

It is not easy, and many have complained that no matter how hard you work it, there is a chance you might not get your commissions.

In fact, I have encountered so many user complaints and grievances registered online that say the commissions are spotty and the uplines, downlines, and customer service are impossible to reach for answers.

Trying to get a bunch of others to pay along might end up being like herding cats, and many give up as soon as they see how complicated Reality Networkers can be to make money online from home.

Some have complained that when Reality Networkers issue you referrals, often they are on the same IP addresses, making them useless when trying to enter their contests.

The usual complaints were that Reality Networkers itself generates these IPs inside their system. If that indeed is the case then they are surely a scam.

Others have complained that after promoting Reality Networkers to prospects for years they have been unable to get the 5 referrals required due to lack of interest.

Their referrals are questionable at best.

As stated before, there seems to be neither customer support nor any assistance from Reality Networkers’ higher up member.

And there are questions and suspicions that the payout photos may be faked to lure beginners in.

One other red flag is that their website and members’ area design are very outdated and full of spelling and grammar mistakes so that makes Reality Networkers hard for us to take seriously.

Consider all these cautionary signals and the uncountable angry people saying they never got paid nor questions answered and you can see that we have to deem Reality Networkers a scam.

Even if only a handful of people have indeed been paid, they are mostly the people at the very top of this scam.

We do not recommend Reality Networkers to anyone looking to make money from home online.

They will scam you out of at least the $25 to $150 if not more.

The reality is that Reality Networkers is neither reality nor a good source of networking.

Stay away from this scam, it’s not worth your time.

I do not recommend Reality Networkers because Survey Club is a much better option…

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