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Quick Paid Surveys Money Review

by David Harris

Quick Paid Surveys Money found at, out of Sri Lanka, is sure to grab your attention from the start.

But it just goes downhill from there.

If it seems too good to be true it most likely is, as the saying goes.

Quick Paid Surveys Money claims you can earn $3500 a month with them. 

They claim it is a no brainer, easy and with little time needed to spend on it. It’s pure fantasy.

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Most paid survey companies at least are more realistic as to what you can make from them, but when I come across hugely exaggerated claims such as this, I must chime in.

I looked in on Quick Paid Surveys Money and could see one can make money, and at least that’s true.

However, there isn’t even nearly close to their whale tale claim even if you devote every waling hour to participating in their affiliate partners’ surveys.

Quick Paid Surveys Money is really a survey site directory. 

You have to register on these sites and cross your fingers that they will send you surveys you may actually qualify for via email invitations.

You also get paid by the affiliate survey sites, not by Quick Paid Surveys Money, and many times, some of these survey sites only have store credit to redeem for items they offer.

On others, there’s a 50 or so cap limiting you monthly.

Otherwise, you make nothing or close to it. 

The big annoying part is when they do the surveys that you spend time on only to be told you’re not what they’re looking for in a particular survey you may have wasted a half-hour on.

I have to call this a scam, as they not only make such a ridiculous earn claim that it astonishes me that they’re still on the internet.

However, real scams take your money and these guys charge you about 35 bucks to sign up with them.

Though you get so little in return for time wasted.

I will also say I really do not recommend Quick Paid Surveys Money.

Not if you need to make any sort of serious living.

I do not recommend this because Survey Club is a much better option…

Join Survey Club free here:

Thanks for reading the review

– David


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Well I had noticed that the paid emails I was confirming was not being credited to my account after I had reached 5.15 and the surveys on there I never get qualified for and that’s why I was not being credited because of the surveys


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