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Push Button Cash Site

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Push Button Cash Site – Scam Review

Push Button Cash Site by Daniel Young, found at, is another scam site promising you riches untold for just the push of a button through their traffic acquisition plugin software for WordPress. I’m sure you doubt it too or you would not be here to confirm your suspicions.

Anyone who is going around selling dreams of easy cash is to be suspected of a kind of larcenous behavior. Especially when a scam site like Push Button Cash Site offers the product for almost 50 bucks then switches the bait with an almost two hundred dollar “license” you have to have in order to activate what they offered for less than half of that.

It’s deceitful. They don’t tell you anything about that anywhere until you have signed up and given them your credit card info. It gets worse. Push Button Cash Site product is pretty much useless, according to many unsatisfied customers who were never refunded their money.

However, it is a Clickbank product so you can take up the issue with them. At least they are very good about refunding your money back. There are many complaints about login issues once you’ve paid. People can’t seem to get in to see what they paid for.

If you do get in, there are issues about the alleged magic plugin not functioning properly, if at all. If someone does get to use it, it’s not as automatic as Push Button Cash Site claims, and it takes effort to set up.

That is also a big source of user frustration, as help support response is little to none from Push Button Cash Site. There is little instructional information once inside members’ area. The owner Daniel Young presents shows videos of his own allegedly successful ClickBank accounts with six figure income statements. Curiously enough, he shows no users’ earnings anywhere in the site.

Never really explains how the program functions yet he goes on about getting a free and focused mass buyer traffic. There is no product video demo anywhere in the site that explains it either. If you’re going to go ahead and gamble on this product then do all the click outs to exit to get the best discount of 27 dollars.

Sadly, the plugin Push Button Cash Site offers and claims to work miracles is not the software really promised, nor does it impress. And the little amount of training videos are more geared toward the inexperienced, and not that impressive either.

For Push Button Cash Site being such an inferior product with poor support service, and the deceitful practice of not letting you know about the $200 key after you sign up. I would not recommend it.

However, there are refund problems and worst, people don’t make any money with it to speak of, then I go ahead and say stay away from this scam. We are not big fans of the bait and switch con. That’s all Push Button Cash Site is. Avoid it at all costs.

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– David


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