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Project Income Club

Overall Rating: SCAM
Type of Business: Affiliate Marketing
Skill Level Needed: Intermediate
Income Potential: five dollars per lead and $120 per sold product
Recommended: No/Scam

Project Income Club – Scam Review

Project Income Club by Paul Jenkins and found at is a dubious site by a man who is riddled with many online complaints from many of his other sites as well as this one.

First let’s talk about what this site does or is supposed to do for you and your money. Then I’ll discuss the issues with the owner’s history of questionable practices.

The product involved in selling, and in the affiliate marketing program part, is a computer back up service. Project Income Club tells you that you have to sign up for the back up service. They say it’s free but it’s not. It’s a free trial that starts charging after a few weeks.

The affiliate program offers five dollars per lead and $120 per product sold to new customers. They provide buy links and banners and not a whole lot more than that.

The PC back up service they offer is not FERPA, 1,HIPAA, 1,SAS 70, 1,IS0 9001, 1,ISO 27001 or Safe Harbor compliant. You and whoever you sell to are taking your chances with this product.

The back up service sells for twenty bucks for only five GB storage. I know of several companies out there that can do much better for the same money. Some of them most likely have affiliate programs too.

Project Income Club is pretty much just a jumping off point for the backup service company’s site. You will not find much support from them once you sign up for the backup service.

Paul Jenkins is known for taking down his sites as soon as they are exposed. If you bought websites from him before you will most likely have seen them either gone or redirecting to Project Income Club or some other thing he’s selling now.

There are also major issues with their questionable billing process. For example, you get billed for products you did not sign up for, and when you try to question these charges, there is no customer service response.

There have been many complaints about previous Jenkins ventures, so my advice is to avoid Paul Jenkins and his programs. You can find scam reviews about some of his other ventures elsewhere on our site, but for now just stay clear of Project Income Club.

Thanks for reading

– David


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