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Profit System Direct

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Profit System Direct – Scam Review

“Profit System Direct”, by Kaitlyn Mitchell and found at, is yet another recent work at home scam clone site. It’s mostly replacing another website under a different company name after that one was full of complaints.

Profit System Direct suspiciously states that you can make $379 a day with the least amount of skills and experience in just an hour a day. It takes persistence and effort to build a decent home business, so that’s a red flag there.

They also claim you will be able to earn about $87 an hour as a “Search Engine Agent”. This is a completely made up “job title” to generate interest. You should know that this work is actually a business opportunity as an affiliate marketer involving link posting for commissions upon transactions from your ads, not getting paid by the hour or per job etc.

It’s no where near as easy as they try to make it sound. Even pros with huge lists won’t go near this type of thing, as commissions are very low due to the fact that there is a lot of competition doing the exact same thing.

Profit System Direct charges $197 to join but if you click out to exit there’s a discount. Don’t fall for it. There won’t be much value in signing up with or without a discount. Many unsatisfied members complain that trying to get your money back is difficult at best.

The information Profit System Direct offers for such a high price can be found for free on the net and in most libraries. Avoiding throwing money away on scammers like these would be the sensible thing to do. If you’re a first time marketer, try doing some research before you engage any companies that offer work from home, especially one that has upfront fees.

Profit System Direct is a duplicated site that looks exactly like all the others, which all include the news logos at the top of the page. Incidentally, none of the news corporations endorse nor advertise this sham, and they say so in the disclaimer.

You will also see the fictional working single mother and her story of the miracle that is Profit System Direct. It is complete hogwash. So are the testimonials and stock photos next to them. The same goes for the fake check and credit card statement.

Once you’ve given them your credit card info and phone number you will be inundated with spam and aggressive phone calls from their salespeople to get even more money out of you to invest in yourself through their worthless business coaching programs that do nothing for you.

Profit System Direct is a useless product. Stay as far away from this disaster as humanly possible.

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– David


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