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Profit Streams Online Scam Review

by David Harris

“Profit Stream Online”, found at, is a website made to rip people off through a well known scheme called the link posting scam.

There are many scams online using the fictional working single mother named Kelly Scott and they all look basically the same, except once in a while they change the stock photo.

The website has many red flags including the single working mom Kelly Scott and her fictional success story.

Kelly Scott is not a real life a successful person much less America’s Number One Home Business Consultant so don’t fall for that lie.

This scam has been going around for years as Online Jobs Today, Home Internet Career, Careers for You and lots of others.

As soon as one is exposed a new scam site appears replacing the previous scam and the cycle goes on ad nauseum.

The same content is cloned on every scam site with little changes so it’s easy to spot them. About the only thing that changes is the URL link and the site’s business name.

There are so many of them that it’s difficult for the authorities to go after them all. That’s why they get away with perpetrating this bait and switch con.

This is an awful scheme from beginning to end starting with the opt-in page, which is designed to capture your email address, name and phone number.

They dare to ask you to give your personal data and banking info to them without giving you any details in return as to what it is you’d be doing to make the huge sums of money they claim you can make.

Once you’re inside the presentation page they show an urgent call to action with the old trick of warning you there are only 2 positions left, but they are not really offering jobs.

This site does not offer any jobs, but it really is a very risky home business “opportunity”, so they lie to you from the start.

You must read the disclaimers at the bottom of the page to see that it is all hype and empty promises, including the use of the network news logos right at the very top of the page.

The video just below the news icons has been taken without the permission of those who produced that segment.

These crooks use it on all their scams and sadly, neither the news networks nor the authorities have enough manpower to go after them all.

Next to the fake mom’s fake story you can see a generic image taken from public stock image sites. The photos of the people’s phony comments are also stock images.

Along with those there are photo-shopped income statements and a fabricated check designed to lure you into this trap.

Other stock photos include the people enjoying a good lifestyle, and the mansion, luxury car and big boat that imply you can get these things by using their subpar system. It’s all a fantasy.

According to a trusted news source, the scammers who run this terrible website along with many of the other link posting scams have been inspected for perpetuating this fraud under different websites.

It’s only a matter of time before the authorities catch up with them and shut them down with our help and others who report scams like Profit Streams Online.

However, budget, resources and manpower to go after scams like these are seriously in short supply to be able to hunt even a fraction of these sites down.

Be very careful of crafty tactics used on this and all the other scam sites. Poorly outdated training that one can find anywhere online free is one to watch out for.

Additional red flags include the use of lofty sounding job titles and fake certifications like Wealth Development Certification Program and Search Engine Agent Program to make you think this is important work.

It is very difficult to make money posting ad links on web pages, especially since you have to invest money in placing them.

The fake check on the Profit Streams Online sales page is deceitful. You actually would be receiving a bunch of smaller amount checks from the many separate third party clients for which you’d be advertising.

That is, if you’d be lucky to get people to click on them much less they actually buy something through them or whatever tasks is called for that commissions are paid out to you.

The worst thing about this scam is the boiler room floor full of aggressive salespeople that go after you to spend more money on costly and useless business coaching programs that would just make you broke.

Those who have been suckered by this and other scam sites have complained of getting ripped off for up to thousands of dollars.

You will never get your money back either because there is no valid refund policy nor customer service to hunt down.

There is nothing good about Profit Streams Online. It is a terrible scam to avoid.

Thanks for reading…

– David


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