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Profit From Home Academy Scam Review

By David Harris

“The Profit From Home Academy”, by Megan Jackson, and found at, is nothing but a scam.

I’m just saying it from the start.

In fact, Profit From Home Academy is a clone scam site in which the only thing that has changed from previous scam sites is the “owner’s” name.

Since “Profit From Home Academy” is just another cookie cutter, replicated site used for its owner’s typical scams, it’s not difficult to spot scams like Profit From Home Academy.

The red flags are easy to look for throughout the site, but first, you should know this is not a real academy, as the title would suggest.

To say the least, any business claiming you can earn almost $400 a day for an hour’s worth of work is a skeptic’s delight, and the more you read, the further your suspicions will be confirmed.

Profit From Home Academy shows you a laughable chart of how much you would earn.

If you notice, at the peak of the chart the statement shows you making $117,000.00 per year! If that’s the case, why wouldn’t the whole world be doing this?

Because it’s a scam, of course.

Sadly, the Profit From Home Academy scammers who run this crooked game is the only ones making big money by swindling unsuspecting newcomers to the world of online marketing.

Now to the other red flags in Profit From Home Academy

The news logos at the top are there for no reason other than to make you think they have some kind of legitimacy.

If you read the disclaimer you’ll see that none of the major news companies endorse or are even aware that Profit From Home Academy is using their logos.

The story of fictional “Megan Jackson” is as much fiction as she is. Even the photo next to her is taken from a generic public stock images website.

The testimonials are also made up and carry similarly placed stock images.

None of the “Security Verified”, “Privacy Verified”, and “Business Verified” “Trust Guard” logos on the Profit From Home Academy buy page are real or even clickable.

If you try to click on any them absolutely nothing happens.

The same can be said of the TRUSTe, VeriSign, and McAfee Secure logos they are inactive as well and are only there to build fake credibility, just like the news logos.

The most heinous of Profit From Home Academy’s criminal activities is the aggressive sales floor that works hard to talk you into wasting thousands more of your dollars for ineffectual “business coaching” programs and other junk.

Some of our readers tell us they were robbed of tens of thousands.

If this article still doesn’t convince then, by all means, go ahead and try it.

Then feel free to message us of how Profit From Home Academy took thousands from you too. Actually, don’t.

Don’t sign up with this Profit From Home Academy scam.

I do not recommend “Profit From Home Academy”.

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