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Profit Clicking

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Profit Clicking Review

by David Harris

Profit Clicking found at under the new disguise called Ad Click Xpress

This is an HYIP scheme so awful it has its own Facebook hate page full of unhappy victims.

Profit Clicking bears several stigmas of criminal and irresponsible activities by the operators of this scam

Beginning with one of the scammers that run it who was convicted and went to prison.

Another of the scammers whose name happens to be fictional may be nonexistent.

Other complaints about Profit Clicking involve fraud, theft, and a variety of larcenous activities.

This has such a bad reputation in the Internet Marketing world that they felt they had to change the name.

This was the only way for the Profit Clicking scam to continue robbing people.

The scammers running this are also infamous for the previous HYIP scams, Just Been Paid and JSS Tripler.

I never recommend HYIPs or High Yield Investment Programs.

I definitely advise my readers to stay far away from Ponzi schemes and Cash Gifting.

Profit Clicking has elements of all these scams and more.

Incidentally, this has no practical way of being contacted, and getting refunds is impossible.

I am quite certain that Profit Clicking will go under another new name very soon.

So I will try to update this review as often as I can to keep you in the loop.

You do not want any part of this terrible con job.

Profit Clicking has so much bad press and negative comments, complaints and even registered filings with government agencies

It’s a shame they haven’t been stopped yet.

Government agencies, unfortunately, are understaffed, overwhelmed and just not equipped to handle the myriad of internet scams out there

The crooks running Profit Clicking are counting on the government’s inability to catch up with them.

This is why we are here.

We do the best we can to keep you, our readers, informed of terrible scams like Profit Clicking.

Normally, we invest to test.

But we have found so much bad press on them I am advising you to do what we are doing with

Along with Ad Click Xpress, or whatever alias they will go under next.

That is, to stay as far away from Profit Clicking as possible.

Thanks for reading the review

– David



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