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Pro Advantage 90 System Review

by David Harris

Pro Advantage 90 System is the log-in page for the Power Seller Secrets system “product”.

ProAdvantage90System has over 30 unresolved complaints, according to the Better Business Bureau.

Pro Advantage 90 is just another boiler room operation with slick sales weasels doing their best to part you with anything from a hundred bucks to $5,000 and up if they can.

Pro Advantage 90 pulls a bait and switch with their promise of no upfront costs except the signup fee.

That alone sends up a red flag.

Then someone from Pro Advantage 90 claiming they are a business consultant calls you back for a “consultation”.

Financial questions are asked as they assess your worth.  

The second they figure out you don’t have what they want, a good amount of “start up money, they will actually disconnect that instant!

One of the ways Pro Advantage 90 scams unsuspecting prospects is through friends’ emails they hacked into making you believe it is coming from a trusted source.

Once you open their message, through a phishing style method of hacking, they are able to collect all your email contact data and the vicious cycle continues to look like you are promoting them through your messages.

If you happen to fall for Pro Advantage 90, they direct you to their site pages loaded up with info phishing Trojans, malware and viruses designed to hack more data from your computer.

These pages are in fact dummy pages that say “coming soon” or under construction!

Many people who fell for this scheme tried in vain to cancel after realizing their mistake.

When the call was made if they were lucky enough to connect – they were told that they need to use the service at least 20 days before canceling.

On the next call after 20 days Pro Advantage 90 will claim that they changed the 30 days money back guarantee to 7 days.

Email responses are seldom replied to, and when they do it’s to advertise more of their nonsense, ignoring your query.

Ours came back as undeliverable.

They claim that you can make up to hundreds a day working only for one hour.

On top of that, they falsely make you believe that the program is only limited to a small number of people per city.

Several other examples of these types of embroidery, if not outright fraudulent claims can be found all over their site to convince people that this is a very effortless venture that takes no experience or special skills to do.

I do not recommend Pro Advantage 90, nor do I approve of their deceptive marketing tactics.

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