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Polaris Global Review

Is Polaris Global a legitimate income opportunity or just another MLM scam?

We aim to find out in this review.

Polaris Global is from Delwyn McKenzie, co-founded by Shane Krider and Rachel Oliver, and found at

Also known as Born to Prosper.

This is a multi-level marketing / MLM / network marketing type of venture dealing in the personal wellness and development industry.


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Yes, it’s an actual industry.

Just ask real, actual leaders like Chopra and you’ll see that forever Deepak, there are legions working some wayward angle from it.

Polaris works that.

There are plenty of people out there who have no idea what to look for and many charismatic groups will often work to attract those with big pockets.

Polaris works those too.

It got dark and strange as I read on, but then again, many of these cult-like moms have these hypnotic hold over certain people.

The more I researched PolarisGlobal the darker the path became.

There is a cloud over Polaris Global of a strange religion I will leave out whose infamous name is one I’d rather not mention.

And that’s all I really want to say about that.

This is a strange business, in that they are so good at what they do.

Polaris Global makes vast sums of money at the top by selling expensive self-help events to those willing and able to pay.

Read everything carefully from the top of the Polaris Global site down through the testimonials and in particular, the disclaimers.

Not one mentions if you will ever make money.

The only things really glossed over are talking about their new lifestyle with Polaris Global.

Several of these shill notes are badly written and misspelled.

Their big-ticket item is selling $15,000, and up, seminars in different parts of the world with pretty much nothing new to report, just a lot of motivational hype.

Many who have gone to them lament the loss of 10s of $1000s on this scam.

You could go on a really nice vacation for a fraction of that on your own.

Especially since many have complained of poorly planned and run seminars that went for $15,000 without one speaker that was listed in the itinerary, among other grievances.

So in essence, you pay a monthly fee to be a member, and have to spend on advertising, a website, and its maintenance.

Additional expenses include buying recommended books and CDs/DVDs, printing brochures and signs, phone service bills, and buying your own leads.

And then there are the big-budget expenses.

These include the cost of the seminar, and airfare to the seminar destinations because it is not included in the way over overinflated seminar price.


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Then, of course, there is every kind of up-sell that they can stick you with.

Most of these involve useless business, self-help, or other coaching programs they may concoct.

There are reports of some members giving Polaris Global and its predecessor as much as $500,000 without ever making a dime back.

P.T. Barnum was definitely correct when he coined the phrase “There’s a sucker born every minute”.

How these scammers stay in business is beyond me.

I may have buried the lead somewhat but you should know that Polaris Global was previously known as a really bad scam called Liberty League International and was run by the people running this now.

That and there are class action lawsuits launched worldwide against Liberty League International.

Need I say more?

Ok, the joke around there used to be, “What are we called this week?” and became known as the LLI scam.

There’s all that but when Polaris Global gets taken down you can be sure Delwyn McKenzie and her criminal cronies will already be off to yet another name for their usual tricks.

You can be sure we’ll review that one too, but for now, stay as far as you can from this very pyramid scheme like scam.

PolarisGlobal is certainly not a legitimate income opportunity as far as we’re concerned.

Thanks for reading our Polaris Global review.

By author David Harris.



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31 Comments/Reviews

Luckily I escaped the clutches of Simon Haggard and his greedy 3rd wife Lee Ann. Two serious scammers. Karen Murphy in Australia and Arni Berry in the U.S. are 2 other con artists who would love to steal your money. Once you have given any of these people your money you will definitely be shafted. Run away fast !!!!

Thank you. I am listening on another page to the videos as I am reading your review. My first thought was it felt really almost cult like. I’ve been watching for awhile and still don’t really know what’s going on. I appreciate your helping me make a very important decision, and as someone else said here, dodging a bullet.

They scammed me back when they were called Liberty League. They offered a buy in for $1k, and supposedly set you up with a leader to get you started. Once I paid my leader, he disappeared with my $1k…never heard from him again…

Mary Adams on :

Woah…I knew something wasn’t right going through their videos, and then I found this page. Scam Scam Scam….morally wrong and unethical. Why else would they hide away in Thailand? They have a track record of Scams..its all on the internet. Run as far away as you can from this. Everyone is looking for a great opportunity to get set up for life, and this one will RUIN your finances. Don’t get sucked in. Lots of great personal development material for free on the internet.

Thanks for the review, was phoned up today and I watched the boring videos of what appeared to be two plasticy, vacuous types. This is clearly just another recruiting scam.

Lorna Hart on :

You only need to listen to Shane Krider to realize it was a scam like the old practices used in the nineteenth century: Snake Oil Salesman.” The phrase conjures up images of seedy profiteers trying to exploit an unsuspecting public by selling it fake cures. In fact, the Oxford English Dictionary defines snake oil as “a quack remedy or panacea.”

may 2018, NZ and they are still at it. Thanks to Facebook it has become so much easier. It has taken some time to find out about this scheme/. I knew it was immoral after flicking through videos.I wouldn’t watch the whole thing! It seems that they just scrape in with NZ commerce laws but I am still going to alert them to look at this group that basically sells nothing but a chance to get in on the business….for 10000s It is dishonest and relies on the hope of others. I hate that they are around…so reminds me of Amway or Encyclopedia sales ppl of years ago.
Thanks for alerting the www users to this scam.

Thank you all for your comments. I watched the videos and received the call, I was actually really interested, because I could see a very easy way of making money… however, too easy! I’m too skeptical, so I decided to research this company and I found your comments. I’m glad to see that all my concerns, like the product quality, monthly outgoings are also a concern for everyone… I’m a little concerned with the different company names they’ve had and bad wraps. I will have another think about it … thanks all.

Thank you, David, for this review, your research has saved me from committing to this scheme. Like so many of the previous comments I felt uneasy watching the videos, they are very amateurish and not what you would expect from people who make 6-7 figure incomes. I also found Shane to be very vague and disorganized, again not something you’d expect from a successful entrepreneur.

Same tbing happened to me as with June but isaw the add on Instagram filled my details in and they called me within 5 min asked questions bla bla bla told me to watch videos and said it will take about 2 hours so i watched 10 min of it got a weird feeling and decided to do some investigation of my own and found this page, thanks for the review you saved me loads of money and time.

Clayton Sills on :

RACHEL OLIVER you tried so hard to tear me apart financially, now well see how Leslie Anne Bartlett and loving life now goes….I’d image more of the same. People like you tear at the fabric of people’s faith. How can you sleep at night? Why haven’t criminal charges against you been levied, after all MLM is ILLEGAL. Apart from wanting to look sexy in your online footage (which you did) and ripping apart so many lives and lying (your involvement with herbalife) which I uncovered along with many other people. Silence is the blunt end of liars, it’s the unintelligent facade a wicked person hides behind. I hope somebody teaches you a lesson and tears at your faith at some point but, wishful thinking. You HAVE NO FAITH. One last thing Rachel, why don’t you just quit now? Haven’t you made enough yet? Why does the cat return to its own vomit? Or are you a one trick pony?

I have come accross to this one and was about to give in and tried obviously I am one of the people who wanted to know more and interested to a homebased business as an extra income.
I have been in a MLM but not a scam. I guess David is true they have no products masically they do coaching, asking for a dvd how to make money type of business and then seminar.
I can’t beleive they let that people to get away with all this scam.

Thank you for your review this is definitely an eye opener for everyone especially the ones that badly needed to make their life better.

Michael Fry on :

I was immediately concerned when they were selling $49.95 Videos for around $6k, the video made says they are in Phuket Thailand but nothing they show confirms that they oh so sad it’s raining so we can’t see whats outside. Everything they show could have been downloaded or filmed on a holiday, the so-called testimonials well less than impressive. The feed at times was poor, video of fancy cars and boats which clearly were downloaded from a third party. To hand someone money who is allegedly not even in your country is a big mistake don’t do it unless you can afford the chase.

Krissy F. on :

Thankyou so much for enlightening me on this scam. I was seriously considering entering into this business and now after reading these reviews, I feel as though I have dodged a bullet. Thanks again!

June Morgan on :

Wow Thank You, David, I saw this Ad on Facebook, It read 50+and fabulous, so I clicked on it. and it took me to a fill in your name and phone number and sent it away. This person rang me but missed called so I rang back.
The person said just have to ask a couple of questions to find if I was suitable for this position and I was so person sent me information which came in the form of Video’s 5 of them very well made with Simon Haggard starting it off then handing it on to Shane and Rachel. So for some reason, I bang this into seeing if it was a scam and lo and behold because of your great work I am so glad I did as I was going to invest in this product but the reason I came here I was actually checking out the Profit with Alex business that was sent to my email. so again Thank you thank you thank you, David

Thanks for your honest review. I had a feeling it was a scam. If it’s too good to be true it is ! Shame on the Krider’s ripping off honest battlers. They live overseas to hide their fraud…I’m so glad they didn’t get a cent of my money !

Careful Thinker on :

The comments I’ve read here mirror many of my own observations. To this I would like to add that my contact person from Prosperity of Life (the Kriders) went to great lengths to assure me this organization was not MLM, but when I studied the business model, it seemed to be precisely that. Also, when I watched the current videos by the Kriders in which they outline “the opportunity,” I noticed that Shane Krider was unkempt and disorganized in his thinking. I have followed motivational speakers like Brian Tracy, Jim Cathcart, Dennis Waitley, and others, and they are all neat, concise, and well-organized. To me they were inspiring role models as persons, not as consumers. Krider has none of this. He is vague, foggy, fuzzy, and indirect, the very definition of a shifty-eyed unaccountable person. Now I see why. I could see it in his presentation, and now I see the facts on the internet. The Arizona Attorney General took Krider to task in 2006, I think it was, for false advertising and false claims, and even specified what he might do thereafter. I guess maybe that’s why Krider is now in Thailand. Anyway, I found POL to be weak intellectually. That was a heads up which made me do my research. Now I see why I felt unimpressed.

I am glad I was able to read all of these reviews. I am lucky enough not to have this amount of money to throw away. I wanted to check up on it because I was really feeling uneasy about it. Thankyou for these reviews. I do direct selling, body shop at home, and park lane jewellery and have never lost money on it. I haven’t made heaps of money, but you go at your own pace with it. You can make money or not, it’s your choice. But there is no way in hell you would lose thousands of dollars over it. It’s a hobby too lol. I knew prosperity of life was too good to be true. Thankyou.

Definitely a SCAM!!, I signed up Easter last year, got started on M1, directors kept insisting get started at M7 as you qualify instantly..I said I will wait for sales to happen and then think about moving up. Anyways..worked really hard, at first it was difficult to get leads…finally leads started to pour in..however, when doing 3 way calls you basically realise that this IS ALL ABOUT TRYING TO SUCK PEOPLE IN, morally it is so dishonest…and I just realised this is all BULLSHIT!! There is no real product up for sale here..and seriously there is such good personal development material available on the internet and outside for free and you don’t need to pay an arm and a leg for it. I even listened to Rachel and Shane’s Mind and Body Transformation crap..and seriously Shane just goes round and round in circle not making much sense. Also, not to mention the monthly fees they keep charging you for the business and leads manager…all a total waste of money…DON’T GET SUCKED IN!!!

Thank you for sharing! We need more websites like this letting people know ITS A SCAM..It took me several searches before I was able to access an actual review and not just more advertising from them. They very cleverly have a webinar title with scam in the wording so it directs you back to them.
Thank you.

I’m glad I researched this before giving up any money to these people. It’s a disgusting comment on society when people like this can continue to operate and willingly rob hard working people that are just looking for a better way of life. This really infuriates me. Thanks to all of you for your comments and my heart goes out to those of you that have unfortunately already fallen victim to these vultures. They will get theirs.

In 8 years, the name has changed yet again. It’s known as Prosperity of Life, run by the same Shane and Rachel Krider and Greg Strom. Prices have gone through the roof and they deny Liberty League International is anything to do with them.

John Creed on :

Hi David and All, just got off the phone with two recruiters who fancied the M7 investment for $6250. All this enlightening info would be purchased on their promises that there was actual, useable content–with a 10-day money back guarantee. Prior reviews of Polaris, Liberty League and the more recently emerged Prosperity of Life videos were a waste of my precious hours on my only day off this week. The gist of the program was outlined in the last 20 minutes of the 2nd video–more than 1.5 hours into their web promotion. No offense to all the high school dropouts (including my two relatives) but listening to 2 high school dropouts’ stories of their hapless lives prior to discovering Prosperity of Life’s (earlier generations of Polaris and Liberty League still run by the same folks) was pure drudgery–as if every high school drop out would love to be involved in the new generation because they could relate to Rachael’s Aussie accent. Thanks for all your reviews. I’m going to pass on this opportunity that demands advertising expenditures, costly lead lists, long hours of phone time, added costs for conference calling features…and an opportunity that surfaces on most every listing on the internet as a ‘pyramid, MLM, and scam…’

i just received an invitation from “prosperity of life” to join this network. but i had confusion about this network that’s why i came here read about this network and now i am filling happy because me my money both are safe. many thanks to saving people hard earn money.

I lost over $35k a few years ago when they were called Liberty League International. So many people became financially ruined. Total scam! I replied to an ad on a popular Australian job search site… $50K later I was financially ruined. Thank you Kristin & Kieron Atkinson.

Earl Martin on :

Thank You for saving me more heartache. I was caught by LLI or Lie as I call them. While watching their video pyramid selling was on my mind. Now I am convinced

Thanks David for the write up. I had a quick look at their email address, went to their website and things didn’t add up. I watched the video for about a minute and saw it was a big time money siphoning organization. Thanks for confirming my concerns! God bless you!

The Kriders have been scamming people for over 10 years now. They seem to just about get enough new recruits to keep ticking over. It’s amazing how many good folks just hand over thousands of dollars to the likes of Adam Bude, Simon Haggard, Alison Wheeler and the Bartlett woman. It is such a shame to lose so much money.

Thank you David for your reviews. I was considering joining this business but had an uneasy feeling after viewing the video. I have saved your page to refer to before I embark on any adventures. Thank you again for saving some of us from going down a wrong path!

Jennifer BONNEFI on :

Hi David, I wish I had seen this 6 weeks ago. I am now almost $10,000 worse off. They are very convincing with their easy 123 simple steps. I knew I had to work at it, I wasn’t trying to make a quick buck, just have my own business and hopefully be able to buy me and my children a house. All my savings went into this scam. I was a skeptic at first, im not sure how I was convinced. I guess it was the engaging banter of Shane a Rachel that drew me in, they seemed so authentic. I am now looking for another job to start again. Im sure eventually you could make some money out of this scam but at what cost. I could not be dishonest enough to take money from good people. The vast amts of money you need to spend on advertising to get the leads will kill you also. I am a fool.

This is a scam, I signed up 6 weeks ago, I put in all my savings and now I have nothing. Yes eventually you probably would be able to make some money out of it, but morally it is dishonest, taking money off good people is not right .its a numbers game so eventually you may find people who will buy into it as I did, but also the costs to get the vast number of leads is astronomical. It is sold as an easy 1,2,3 step program but all is not as it seems people. Be aware….this is a scam


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