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by David Harris

“PayRipo”, or Pay Ripo, found at, is an CPA and MLM site disguised as an online freelance job site that claims anyone can make $500 a day by using their system.

Sadly, their reputation is stained with unhappy users and critics everywhere. There are distinctions between the real online job websites and the scam sites, and PayRipo has all the red flags of a scam to watch out for.

Number one, there are no real jobs offered at PayRipo. In fact there is only one “opportunity” available, and that is to recruit others to join the site under you, making this a deceptive Multi-Level Marketing scheme.

They do provide CPA (Cost Per Action) tasks to complete but very few actually earn anything of substance, let alone get paid for those tasks they’ve completed.

There is absolutely no security involved on this site, so adding your payout info is risky. The owner is hidden from the public and the site is run out of Panama.

It won’t take you much to draw your own conclusions from that. RiPo has no customer or tech support of any kind. Previous scams have used the same exact web design used on the site.

The site is also known to have had viruses, spyware and malware issues at some point, if it doesn’t still have those issues. There is no contact information on the site.

All you really do is promote and advertise your affiliate referral marketing link anywhere you can, and that is what RiPo considers your job, so claiming there are jobs in such a ‘weasel-y’ way is not a good step towards building trust.

What really happens is you push your link to people who are already burned out on seeing everybody pushing the same thing at them by many other people doing the same thing you’re doing.

This gets especially annoying on the social media pages and groups. The spaces provided to market are finite in most of the social media pages, and it’s highly likely that others already got there before you.

There are only so many groups on Facebook, for example, and if you join them all you will see everybody and their brother posting a close variation of your ad so there’s very little chance to stand out.

Most of what you would be advertising is a lot of empty hype. If you take a look at the numbers on the PayRipo site you can see they don’t quite add up.

They say they have about 130,000 members and are paying them out over 200 million, but when you see their fake payments you’ll see really low figures like 9,000 to one user, 1200 to another, etc.

At that rate I cannot see how PayRipo could come up with over $246 million dollars in work compensation if there are only 130,000 members.

If you average each user making $2,000 at 130,000 members you get about $260 million, and many are not making anything even close to that $2,000. Many of those have complained that they have not been getting paid.

Several of those unhappy customers have gone as high as $9,000 and not gotten paid by PayRipo, even though their minimum payout mark is $300 after 30 days.

Incidentally, PayRipo has associations with a known scam called ShareCash which litters the internet with loads of scam complaints about their terrible system.

Having a guilt by association added to their reputation is not helping things get off to a good start by any means, so there’s another red flag to be on the look out for.

From the moment I started investigating PayRipo to the present, the complaints about this business have been steadily growing and I suspect more will continue to come to light.

You might come across some who will defend PayRipo in desperation to recruit you but chances are they won’t provide proof of earnings if you ask.

PayRipo is a hot mess and we advise you to stay away from this scam. We do not recommend PayRipo.

Thanks for reading

– David


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