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Paydays at Home

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Paydays At Home Scam Review

by David Harris

“Paydays At Home”, by Sue Thompson and sometimes Amy Sanders and found at, is just another of a multitude of spam sites known as link posting scams.

The reason Paydays At Home is one of many is that the scammers who run it use a duplicate design for all their scam websites.

They don’t care, because as soon as one of the sites is exposed to the public, like we are uncovering with Paydays At Home for example, they shut it down and pop a new one up.

The only changes they make to the new sites are the fake working mom’s name, the business name logo and URL link. Paydays At Home was something else before many times over.

Everything in this site is completely made up with not a word of truth to it, except small parts of the vague hype thrown around.

For example, although they use network news logos at the top and say that many online home business opportunities are seen on these networks, it is certain that Paydays At Home hasn’t been seen there.

That’s about as much truth as they offer on Paydays At Home. The story of the fake mom, Amy Sanders, is made up to get at your emotions.

The crooks hope that you will want to pay the $97 it costs to join after reading how the woman went from poor to rich while raising children. All the tugs at the heart are there.

She is NOT America’s number one home business expert and Paydays At Home is NOT the number one online work at home program and you will NOT make huge gobs of money with no computer skills, sales or marketing experience working only a half hour a day!

There is an alternate Paydays At Home web design that just shows a lot of vague internet marketing words and phrases without telling you exactly what it is THEY are selling.

However and whichever page design you see Paydays At Home is not to be taken seriously, unless you want a nightmare on your hands.

What it all comes down to is that the scammers’ sole purpose for putting Paydays At Home and scams like it is their secret weapon the boiler room weasels.

These are the sales people that work you until you spend lots of money on their useless upsell products and services.

Some of those include ineffective and outdated business coaching programs and training systems. The same sales hounds work the other scams as they do at Paydays At Home.

Watch out for their empty promise claim that offers “unlimited phone and email support 7 days a week. Once Paydays At Home has your money and personal info they are nowhere to be found if you have complaints.

Many newcomers to making money from online home business opportunities have complained about wasting thousands of dollars with scams exactly like Paydays At Home and this one is no different.

Well, if enough people find reviews like ours at the beginning and spread the word then there’s a chance less people get swindled by Paydays At Home by shutting it down early and often enough.

If the same can be done with each new link posting scam, the more the heartache can be done away with over time.

We get readers who submit the ones we might miss every now and then and we are very appreciative! Keep sending them in.

Our expert staff do their very best to catch as many as possible even though there are almost too many out there so thanks for your contributions, dear readers!

As for Paydays At Home, this has the stink of a very bad scam. You don’t even want to get near this thing, I promise.

Thanks for reading…

– David


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here is one I found

P notice the re at the end of home

then says

“online services”

I believe this one stole my money this year and I could not get hold of them

Carol Stewart


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