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Payday Automation

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Payday Automation – Business Review

By David Harris

Payday Automation, found at, is a website that promotes a questionable traffic driving system, which is never quite explained in the super long, dull and vague video which should have used a better actor. I know it’s an actor because it says in the disclaimer at the bottom of the page that they use an actor.

There is not one word in the video on what this thing is about. You can see no end to similar websites that endorse their programs with plenty of hype and absolutely no substance or what their service actually does to help you actually succeed.

Payday Automation does not disappoint in disappointing you just like all the other hype. One thing I find disturbing is that when sites like Payday Automation use video to hype nothing in particular, it feels like they are targeting illiterate people.

It’s as if writing content with valid information that can actually persuade an intelligent marketer is not for the type of people they are looking for.

That also tells me Payday Automation wants desperate people who will fall for get rich quick hype to buy into their scheme. Beware of sites that offer automatic secret formulas to get rich quick by doing nothing. The only one getting rich is the guy running the scam.

By their faulty logic, “Payday Automation” put up a very long video that never gets to the actual point of what they’re selling so the buildup with photos of mansions and yachts and piles of money should be enough to hook desperate newbie suckers in.

Worse than that, as I listened to their actor dredge up excitement for ‘Payday Automation’, he gives you the feeling that this scheme is free right up to the moment at the end that takes you directly to their sign up and you see the pay button.

Still, no page with actual content, it’s just a buy page, and that’s a red flag on the play.

Once you join Payday Automation, you are swiftly inundated with sales calls pressuring you to upgrade to a more expensive system that they claim is what you REALLY need. Sadly, those up-sells still have no information on driving traffic or creating successful conversions.

Payday Automation utilize the typical scam of overvaluing the cookie cutter website they say would normally go for about $2,000. Do NOT fall for that. In this day and age, you are getting suckered if someone is selling you a prefab website for anywhere near that. That’s another red flag on the play.

Also, make sure to read all the disclaimers at the bottom of the site that refute everything they claim on the video before you give Payday Automation or any other scam like it your credit card numbers. That way you know to run like an Olympic athlete fast and far from Payday Automation.

I do not recommend Payday Automation as it is a scam.

Thanks for reading

– David


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