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Paychecks Now Scam Review

by David Harris

“Paychecks Now”, found at, is a deceptive home business opportunity scam that uses the old ‘email processing but is really a link posting scam’ trick.

The email processing scam has been around since the beginning of the internet, and before that though the postal service in days of yore.

In a way, they mainly obfuscate the truth that you have to create ads for the things you write about, which in fact, are really more ads to resell this site you just paid $30 bucks to join with no refund offered once in.

The hype on the front page says the work entails processing emails for $25 per, and make up to $700 a day.

They state you get all this huge money by typing short articles which you submit to some alleged network that pays for them as a result of income generating viewers who see your article.

The buildup is also very vague as to the how what where and whys and the nature of how they conduct their business with you.

Paychecks Now claims you don’t need experience or computer skills and that they will provide training once you join, but there’s a catch.

The so-called training is so basic it would be laughable if they weren’t ripping people off.

Whenever you see home business scams like this that stress the point of you joining before they tell you anything, you can consider that a high flying red flag.
Read the disclaimers at the bottom of the website. They state saying that there is no guarantee of making any money by using their system.

Once in, the instructions, or “training” they provided was maddeningly short and curt. As if they are blatantly telling you they are a point blank rip off.

We can describe the main set of instructions you first see, well, after a series of upsells to other scam sites in a very small mparagraph.

Paychecks Now has you first select a payment method, make up your own ads (which is the actual articles they claimed you’d be processing) then putting those ads out either on free classifieds or paying for ad space.

If you are lucky to get anybody interested then you “process the emails” in order to get paid. Seriously, that is the long and short of their instructions.

So, in essence, chances are high you will end up spending more of your own money and time – getting your ads out than you would be bringing in.

Email processing is a misnomer, and you should beware of the Paychecks Now company shill positive comments you see in open forums about it.

These fake, or made up, people claim you get paid for processing emails yet never go into details, and they are certainly red flags to be aware of and shun.

The reality is that “processing emails” actually means contacting prospects and trying to make sales, along with other administrative tasks like clicking ads to try to generate income, in order to hopefully get paid.

If you are lucky enough to get a commission, it’s likely you spend a little time and money to do so. Maybe a few bucks, but certainly at least 3 to 4 hours. It all amounts to just about minimum wage.

Word on the net is that most people who fell for this scam trap say they never got paid, so the majority of the time, your efforts may be fruitless.

If you are that interested in internet marketing or online home business opportunities, you’re better off doing affiliate marketing than getting involved with “email processing” scams like Paychecks Now.

Oh, and the worst part about this scam is that you would have to resell this very same scam to others like you to hook them in, too.

Yes. It is a scam. Stay away from it.

Thanks for reading

– David


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