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Panda Research Review

by David Harris

Panda Research is an offers site found at and is owned by A and A Marketing in Buffalo Grove, Illinois.

You must be at least eighteen years old and up to join, and a U.S. citizen.

Panda Research states that you might make three cents to a quarter for reading emails and about $3 to $75 on surveys.

They say you can also get coupons and giveaways for some completed surveys.

And keep product samples they offer for you to review.

Panda Research pays on a cash basis when you reach $100 by check on surveys that do payout.

Panda Research does have surveys that offer no incentives.

However, there are so many complaints about Panda Research that I must focus on these for this review.

There are many things to be concerned about when dealing with this site.

In many ways, Panda Research is not so much a paid surveys site.

But its a kind of an offers and paid to read emails service too.

The surveys that pay $75 are like the white whale very seldom seen.

And if you get one, you may not qualify to participate.

Panda Research only sends offers mostly, and not many surveys.

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The surveys you do manage to complete require you to sign up, before you get credited, for offers that cost money.

Some even on a monthly basis!

Some offers are products on a trial period and you have to cancel quickly or face full value charges.

However, even this becomes a challenge with Panda Research.

They have you jumping through their hoops to cancel so as to confuse and tire you out in hopes you give up and just pay.

One customer says they were still being charged even though they canceled.

Be very careful about using your own email account.

Create a different one than your usual because Panda Research will swarm you with tons of spam emails every day!

There is another huge issue I considered when taking their one to $2 surveys.

Making the hundred dollars to cash out will only frustrate you because you have to worry about canceling so many offers before they start charging you.

To that you will ultimately forget about three or ten and this turns into a money pit.

Yes, Panda Research it is free to join.

But I am going to call this one a scam because of the money you will lose by paying out on all these offers they make you sign up for that do charge you money.

The hundreds and hundreds of complaints I’ve read also indicate this to be a scam.

As other paid survey sites I’ve reviewed have way less unsatisfied customers commenting on their bad practices.

This one takes the cake and is giving panda bears a bad name.

Do not waste your time on this terrible service, for fear of losing lots of money instead of making some.

I do not recommend “Panda Research” because Survey Club is a much better option…

Join Survey Club free here:

Thanks for reading the review

– David



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