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Paid to Place Scam Review

Tiger Paw Media dba Paid to Place, by Kathy Garcia, and found at, is a website that offers a work from home opportunity for placing ads online. This one, however, is replete with all kinds of warning signs that it not on the up and up in the least.

The first warning sign on Paid to Place Profits is the “news” clip they threw on there. It doesn’t have one thing to do with their service. This tired old video is used frequently by scammers in an attempt to appear legitimate.

Then there’s over-used story about the mother. This time it’s about fictitious Kathy Garcia, which tells of her finding this incredible program that helped her make money from home. It’s a contrived tug at your heart to appeal to your emotions.

The worst part of the Paid to Place scam is that they are using the name of celebrity Michelle B. without her permission. She contacted us to say that she is in the process of trying to get her likeness and name removed from the website. She does not endorse the product, and they are damaging her reputation.

When you get past all the build up we finally learn what Paid to Place is really all about affiliate marketing. You only get paid when someone either buys something or fills in their personal information.

Placing ads also takes more investing from you when you buy space on the websites that you place the ads on. It also takes a lot of time and effort before you see any money, and certainly not enough to quit your day job.

You should know that there’s no such thing as real companies paying you to simply place ads. You get paid from each different client you place the ads for so there is not one individual check you will receive. So it’s a fallacy.

Paid to Place charges $18.95 for the program, but sneak in an additional monthly re-bill. Make sure to read the terms and conditions before you sign up because you will notice the hidden costs.

Paid to Place Profits also makes it difficult to try get your money back because in the small print there’s a statement that says your monthly fees are non-refundable so they might only give you back the initial $18.95.

Though affiliate marketing is a real industry that people are making real success with, Paid to Place system is not one of the companies you will make money with. You should avoid getting involved with Tiger Paw Media dba Paid to Place.

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