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Paid Surveys Etc Scam Review

by David Harris

“Paid Surveys Etc”, by Michelle McAllister and found at, is such a scam you will wonder how it has managed to stay in business.

That is until you realize there are plenty of unsuspecting people out there for them to take advantage of.

I should at least mention their thinly veiled excuse for being in business.

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They are a company that acts as a middleman for companies that need people to fill out their marketing research questionnaires and surveys, and consumers who fill them out.

From the very first line on the front page, the exaggerations, lies and empty promises flow like a polluted river full of junk.

I can assure you that nobody even comes close to making 3500 dollars per month taking surveys.

Nobody, that is, but McAllister herself. You are lucky if you qualify to take a tenth of the surveys Paid Surveys Etc offers after they’ve vetted you through a screening process that knocks many out of the running.

If you do make it, you realize the frustration that you only made ten or fifty cents in a half hour!

There is not enough time in the day to make what they claim you can make monthly at the top of their website page at that rate.

The biggest warning sign Paid Surveys Etc has is the fact that they charge a monthly fee to be a member.

It’s preposterous. You will be lucky to break even every month. They charge you for their list.

They do not pay you at all, the survey companies do individually.

You will sometimes get checks for fifty cents to a couple dollars from the many different companies there are whose surveys you take.

So the fake check showing how much the owner made is pure bull manure.

The check you see on the website, if indeed it is real, may very well be what the owner makes as commission by the research company paying her from bringing them the many survey takers she suckers into paying her monthly fee.

To add insult to injury they make you go through a bunch of third party offers first, wasting a half hour.

A half hour to find you may not qualify for the survey that only pays ten cents.

From the laughable disclaimers to the fake paypal and credit card logos that take you to the same clickbank order form, I could go on about Paid Surveys Etc, but I should just get to it swerve from this scam like you’re dodging roadkill.

I do not recommend “Paid Surveys Etc” because Survey Club is a much better option…

Join Survey Club free here:

Thanks for reading…

– David


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