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Paid Surveys At Home

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Paid Surveys At Home Scam Review

by David Harris

“Paid Surveys At Home”, by Patricia Johnson and found at, is a website that charges a fee to get access to a list of companies that provide paid to take surveys opportunities.

The first issue with these type of middleman websites like Paid Surveys At Home is that if you have to pay for something you can find for free on your own by searching online, then it falls under my scam category.

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The paid survey sites that do not charge you to join usually get a not recommended from me because you will not earn any type of living income from them. You should not have to pay for this service.

I found that Paid Surveys At Home has an F rating from the Better Business Bureau, so that is something else that causes concern.

Furthermore, there are numerous complaints about Paid Surveys At Home all over the internet.

If you do happen to sign up with Paid Surveys At Home, you will get an e-book containing a rather limited list of paid survey sites. Many of these charges you to join as well.

Some are just trial offer sites that have you pay for the products you try out.

Paid Surveys At Home does not list a phone number or address on their site, so trying for a refund through these usual manners will be futile.

Your best bet is to contact Clickbank, as it is a product they support.

In general, avoid paying for, or joining sites like Paid Surveys At Home that claim unrealistic earnings on their first page.

You’re lucky to qualify for a small handful of surveys per month from any survey sites they provide.

At best, you’ll be making $10 to $20 dollars on each one monthly, and that’s just to reach their minimum payout cap, so you won’t always get that money until you reach 20 to 50 dollar cash out limits imposed on many paid survey sites.

Another reason not to join most survey sites is that they invariably sell the personal data that you provide them to third party clients for lucrative sums, at the expense of your email getting swamped with spam, and sometimes phone calls.

I strongly do not recommend Paid Surveys At Home in any way whatsoever if you are looking for serious money.

There are far better ways of earning a living.

I do not recommend “Paid Surveys At Home” because Survey Junkie is a much better option…

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