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Paid Surveys And More

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Paid Surveys And More

by David Harris

“Paid Surveys And More”, by Kim Robbins and found at, is a paid surveys website scam.

Paid Surveys And More claims you can make about $500 to over 3 grand a month just by completing tasks and referring people to the scam.

First off, Paid Surveys And More charges you about $70 bucks to join, and in our opinion, that is $70 bucks too much to join a surveys website.

Even the discounts are too much to pay. Nobody, and I mean nobody, ever makes the kind of money Paid Surveys And More is claiming you can make with them by taking surveys and participating in focus groups or doing product trials.

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As a rule, you should NOT have to pay any company to get notifications of surveys or product trials to complete, and Paid Surveys And More should not charge you for their service.

More to the point, especially since Paid Surveys And More are going to sell your personal info to their third party clients so they can in turn flood your email account, and in some cases endless calls if you give out your phone number, with their spam.

As it is, the moment you join Paid Surveys And More, you get redirected to an endless stream of spam pages for satellite TV companies, credit cards and more spam to join or apply to.

Something else Paid Surveys And More fails to tell you is that you will have to pay additional upfront costs to take the products you test home with you, and if you don’t cancel and return them you get charged full amount.

Sometimes, the upfront costs are more than you earn for the completed task, and of course that is not explained either by Paid Surveys And More.

Another big red flag is the amount of complaints registered online in forums and other sites from people who have been dissatisfied and unable to get their money back from Paid Surveys And More.

Main complaints about this Paid Surveys And More issue are due to total lack of help from customer support when looking for a refund even a few minutes after you join and realize it’s not for you.

Even after it’s too late and you don’t want anything to do with Paid Surveys And More, their upsell reps, or sales representatives whose jobs it is to sell you more expensive junk, call you at all times to wear you down.

Their claim that Paid Surveys And More is not a scam is a feeble excuse saying that they pay through PayPal and are part of Clickbank.

However, if you’re not getting paid the hundreds they claim you will make then it really doesn’t matter if they say they’ll even drive to your house and give you cash.

The Paid Surveys And More online chat reps lie through their teeth when supposedly chatting with you when they try to lure you in.

If you engage in this worthless chat they will bait you with robot autoresponder stuff like, “If you would like to earn up to and more than $100,000 from the comfort of your own home CLICK HERE” and other nonsense.

The “conversation” just goes on repeating itself on their end before you realize it’s just an automatic robot chat on the other end responding to you with the sales pitch no matter what you ask or say.

It would be hilarious if it wasn’t such a rip off. By the way, all the Paid Surveys And More’s hype is refuted in their disclaimers and fine print so be sure to read it if you wish to get involved with them.

Avoid this scam like, well, a plague. I heartily do NOT recommend ” Paid Surveys And More “ because Survey Club is a much better option…

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Thanks for reading…

– David


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