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Paid Survey Authority Review

by David Harris

“Paid Survey Authority”, by Michelle McAllister found at, is a paid surveys site created by a well known and infamous scammer.

Michelle McAllister knows there are lots of unknowing people looking to make extra money from home by taking surveys online out there to take advantage of.

That is why she makes scams like Paid Survey Authority and others such as Paid Surveys Etc they’re set up for ulterior schemes.

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For one, Paid Survey Authority is a website acting as a middleman for companies that need consumers to complete their marketing research questionnaires and surveys.

The very first phrase on Paid Survey Authority’s main presentation page starts the parade of hyperbole, deceit and the empty promise that you can make tons of money with them.

Nothing can be further from the truth.

No one ever makes anything even close to $3500 per month taking surveys with Paid Survey Authority.

Nobody but the scammer who runs Paid Survey Authority – and that is Michelle McAllister herself.

Again, this is only one of several scams she has put out online.

Most people who pay the 30 bucks or so to join are lucky if they can complete a fraction of the surveys Paid Survey Authority offers.

The surveys also come from many different third party clients you can find for free elsewhere, so you are not paid directly from Paid Survey Authority.

Most of them kill your chances after vetting you through a screening process that knocks you out of the running if you don’t qualify.

Once you do happen to make it, you will come to the realization that you only made ten cents to a dollar at most for a half-hour of your time.

You will never have enough time in the day to earn the kind of money that Paid Survey Authority claims you can make monthly on their website at that rate.

The biggest warning sign Paid Survey Authority has is the fact that they charge a monthly fee to be a member.

You would be fortunate if you were to break even every month, yet Paid Survey Authority charges you monthly for their list.

Since Paid Survey Authority does not pay you and the third party survey companies do so individually, they all have a minimum payout structure so it takes a long time to cash out.

You will sometimes get checks for fifty cents to a couple of dollars from the many different companies there are whose surveys you take, so you can see why it takes a long time to get paid.

Therefore, the fake check the paid model is showing on the photo representing how much the owner made is deceiving because she would make that only from the collective join fees from all her victims.

If you are unlucky enough to join, Paid Survey Authority makes you go through a bunch of third party spam offers first, thus wasting a lot of extra unnecessary time.

Check out the weasely disclaimers at the bottom of the Paid Survey Authority page to see that everything they claim at the top is false.

Trying to make a living with Paid Survey Authority will be a futile pursuit, and even they are telling you so on their fine print.

The entire venture would not only be a complete waste of your time but also of the money you would spend to join and pay monthly for stuff you can find online for free.

I’m calling Paid Survey Authority a total scam.

I do not recommend ” Paid Survey Authority “ because Survey Club is a much better option…

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