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Paid Shopping Providers

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Paid Shopping Providers Scam Review

by David Harris

“Paid Shopping Providers”, found at, is another paid mystery shopper scam.

Paid Shopping Providers charges you a $35 fee to join to get access to their database of mystery shopping companies that recruit people to evaluate other companies and products anonymously or undercover.

The problem with mystery shopping is that it is riddled with scammers, con-men and other disreputable entities.

Many people have been swindled by some company or other in that industry.

The legitimate mystery shopping companies got together and formed the MSPA, or, Mystery Shopping Providers Association to battle scammers.

Paid Shopping Providers is not listed among their members, nor are they BBB accredited.

However, and ironically, Paid Shopping Providers does claim on their scam alert page that they are the victims of identity theft.

They claim that other scams are using their name to perpetrate their cons.

Alert the authorities if anyone approaches you with this scheme.

Paid Shopping Providers operates in a different manner.

They charge you a fee to join them as a member to work for them.

If you have to pay them to be their worker then I have to call it a scam.

They do not guarantee you any of the companies on their database will ever hire you.

Be very careful with Paid Shopping Providers whether they are a “victim” of scammers or not and be sure you don’t keep get charged monthly.

Even though they say it’s a one time fee, some of these mystery shopping businesses have been known to do that and worse.

Also, make sure they don’t send you checks to cash and wire them back the money.

Because you won’t find them accredited with any of the Mystery Shoppers organizations, I say Paid Shopping Providers has all the red flags of a scam themselves.

Not only because they charge you to work with them I’m quite sure of it, but there are many serious registered online complaints about Paid Shopping Providers of fraud and theft.

When you sign in, they make you fill out a ton of surveys and offers before you get to any Paid Shopping Providers pages.

I call Paid Shopping Providers a scam not only for all the above reasons but because they claim they’ll get you work on the front page, they don’t guarantee anybody on their list will hire you on their disclaimer.

Avoid Paid Shopping Providers, and be very wary of most mystery shopper sites that send you emails, letters or texts offering you a chance to make thousands of dollars weekly with them.

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