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Paid On Vacation

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Paid On Vacation Scam Review

By David Harris

Paid On Vacation, by Karen James and found at, is a slightly different variation of the clone link posting scam sites. What I mean by that is that it’s a redirect to a scam we just exposed, Consumers Review Journal at Most of the red flags are here, just like all the others.

The scammers put up a new website for the same scam we referred to on our exposé of Consumers Review Journal and many others run by the people that use the Karen James character time and time again. They did manage to trot out the usual tired old overused fake news clip.

“Paid On Vacation” has tried to worked a new angle to make it look like a legitimate work from home this time, but they fell way short of the mark. The scammers that created ‘Paid On Vacation’ think they’re getting craftier, but we’re on top of their con.

Dumb graphics of hundred dollar bills are a certain red flag of false hype on sites like this.

Then they chuck in those generic stock photos of a fictional work from home mom, Karen James, and alongside the fake people’s fake comments on the side. There’s also a fairy tale to melt your heart enough to get you to sign up and give up your personal financial information.

Once you do, you’re in for a nightmare.

The fact that these scammers could care less to barely change the content in these scam sites indicates that Paid On Vacation scammers realize people are getting wise to their con games.

Beware the old news stations’ logos.

Be sure to read the disclaimers to see that the news organizations don’t endorse Paid On Vacation. Keep reading the disclaimer to see that there are more alarming issues that their lawyers make them put in.

Things like, “the information here is for advertising only and is not to be taken literally” are spewed out all over the disclaimer. “Paid On Vacation” actually states in many other subtle other ways that you won’t make money with them several times throughout it.

They also tell you that a person by the name of “Karen James” really doesn’t exist. So as long as you know that the real things to read are the actual slithery indemnifiers at the bottom, then you should know that everything you see elsewhere is pure fabrication.

There is no actual “job” here, only what they call a losing gamble. Link posting involves way more skills, time, effort and investment than ‘Paid On Vacation’ lets on. Not many people make money doing this, contrary to what Paid On Vacation says on their website sales page replete with vapid content.

Now, the ugliest thing that scams like Paid On Vacation do is unleash their aggressive salespeople on your heels to bring you down and waste thousands of dollars on useless business coaching programs that make you broke with no results.

Getting your money back will be harder than trying to get through to our President or Miley Cyrus on the phone.

Stay away from this scam, Paid On Vacation, and avoid the financial heartbreak others have told us happened to them.

There’s no paid vacation about it.

I do not recommend “Paid On Vacation”.

Thanks for reading

– David


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