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Paid Offers Scam Review

by David Harris

“Paid Offers”, found at, is a paid surveys and paid offers site replete with angry ex-customers posting negative comments and reviews everywhere online. They were not hard to find.

Most “‘get paid to take surveys’ scam sites” like Paid Offers have the same basic carnie show, offering sign ups for gambling and bingo sites, the occasional survey you may or may not qualify for, and nearly all pay out very poorly or don’t at all.

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However, Paid Offers is so bad that there is evidence that the advertising ethics organization, ASA, made them stop false advertising high earnings.

According to high volumes of users of Paid Offers received from half to often no pay for time wasted on their site. Lots of misspent time you’ll never get back.

The main point of Paid Offers and sites it is to capture your opt-in info to sell their many third party clients ho end up reselling it to others.

Before you know it, there are thousands of spam messages in your inbox making it harder to see real messages you’re trying to find in all that junk.

The first task after one signs up with Paid Offers is a set of 26 endless tasks. Most of them involve giving your personal info out to endless offers from their clients.

There is no pay for any of it, but you can’t enter their actual page where you get to take those elusive paid trial offers, paid surveys, sweepstakes and more.

I say elusive because no one in a practical frame of mind would waste a huge amount of time doing something they will not get compensated for, only to see endless casino offers on the promised Paid Offers members’ area before you even run into a survey or actual offer that pays you.

Don’t fall for this awful scam. It’s a data mining pit for reselling you personal info many times over. Avoid Paid Offers at all costs. It’s no way to make money online.

I do not recommend “Paid Offers” because Survey Club is a much better option…

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Thanks for reading

– David


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wilma jeffrey on :

I have been waiting for over a YEAR for my £1,00020 to be paid , now they have a notice on their site saying they will be closed in NINETY DAYS from the 31 /3/17. I have contacted them FOUR times & they haven’t had the decency to even reply! BEWARE or like me, been taken for a mug!


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