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The Overnight Cash System - TOCS

Overall Rating: SCAM
Type of Business: Private Cash Gifting Activity Programs
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The Overnight Cash System – TOCS – Scam Review

The Overnight Cash System – TOCS, by a guy named Dave, found at is a private cash gifting club -and a scam. Cash gifting is a type of tax evasion.

You should be aware that all cash gifting programs are deemed illegal in many states in the U.S. and many parts of the world. Overnight Cash System is no different.

U.S. tax codes make cash gifting, or cash leveraging, a punishable offense as illegal lottery statutes, pyramid and chain letter crimes. Don’t fall for the ridiculous premise that, just because there’s a loophole of $12k you can give or receive, that it’s ok to get involved in this kind of scam.

It is best that you stay far away from these types of scams. So for your benefit we warn you that The Overnight Cash System – TOCS falls under the U.S. tax codes as a liability you do not want to get involved with.

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